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Christmas Card

Handmade Christmas Cards

And…  It is Christmas Time!!! We’re all planning on what to gift our near and dear ones. It is that time of the year when we get expressive (for a change!) and exchange gifts with one another. Whatever gift you may give, what can replace a card with maybe even a few words which mean something. Let us see how we could add more to your Christmas cards by making them yourself!

So, how do you make a Christmas card?

For beginners, you could start off with a rectangular piece of card stock of a color of your choice, some designed scraps of paper, felt or satin ribbon pieces or any other decorative item which you could use for adding some glitter to your cards and glue. Scissors is a must have. You could also get zig zag scissors if you want to stick varieties of scraps on your card. A simple card with designs cut out and stuck is shown below.

Christmas Card Designs

Like the below card, you could use the typical colors of Christmas too!

Christmas CardImage Credit

Metallic beads and multiple designs can also be cut out to give a more well designed and elegant look to the cards. It is always good to experiment with different textures. These give a slightly elevated and expensive look to the cards.

Christmas CardImage Credit

Felt is a good choice for making cards for any occasion. The one shown below has felt for the base of the card and a snowflake pattern is cut out using the kirigami technique.

Snowflake felt card

Click here to see how you can make this type of card.

If you are making cards for your kids, you could make a pop-out Christmas card and use font such as Comic sans, Jokerman or some other font which could attract kids. It would also be nice to draw their favorite cartoon characters and glue that to the card.

Christmas CardImage Credit

You could also make a simple yet beautiful card like below. A well written card with a simple yet eye catching design.

Christmas CardImage Credit

Embellishments, punched shapes and origami works can also be made and used to adorn cards. The one shown below has a christmas tree made using the technique of origami and is used as the primary embellishment for the card.

Origami Christmas Tree Card

Here is how you can make this card.

Rhinestones can be used to add a little sparkle to your cards.

For those of you who are bored with the usual rectangular or square shaped cards, a card like below would be a different type to start off! Go ahead and experiment with new styles, designs and colors. Spray paintings and thread art could also be done on cards.

Christmas CardImage Credit

And whatever card you make, square, rectangular, small or large or however it is, don’t forget to include a verse from your favorite poem or a few words you can pen down. The latter is the better choice any day!

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