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Body Piercing

The Art of Body Piercing

Body piercing is the art of piercing a body part for wearing a small piece of ornament or jewelry. Traditionally the commonly pierced body parts have been nose and ears.

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In many parts of the world, earrings and nose rings have been associated to religious sentiments as well.  Over a period of time, in western countries piercing started becoming popular for ornamental reasons. Piercing which started with nose and ear piercing, later spread to navel and genital piercing.

Steps in Piercing

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Piercing of the eyebrows has been a trend for a long time.

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The latest and most sought after piercing among modern day girls and guys is the piercing of lips and then wearing a black or white metal ring. One of the types of lip piercing is labret piercing, about which we shall see in detail very soon. Lip piercing requires a little more caution during piercing since the healing time could be little longer that piercing of other body parts. The chance of scarring could also be there. These reasons however don’t seem to be stopping the fashion buffs who go in for lip piercing!

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Piercing is widely done using a piercing needle by experts or using a piercing gun in parlors. While piercing using piercing needles, it should be ensured that the needles are either new or sterilized properly. Also local anesthetics could be used to reduce the pain which could be caused while piercing.

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