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SILK – The Queen of textiles

Silk textiles are very popular and considered one of the richest fabrics. Silk fabric traces back its roots to the land of China where the emperors and empresses adorned themselves with this fabric which made it more of a luxury fabric. The cost of producing, dyeing and weaving the fabric makes silk textiles quite expensive.

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Silk fiber is taken from the larvae of silk worms reared through the process of seri-culture. Due to this, this fabric has protein components in its structure. The raw silk produced is strong and can be directly used for weaving.

Silk Weaving

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Silk sarees from India are quite popular for their designs and the weaving techniques used. Silk from the city of Kancheepuram and Mysore has special recognition and is sought after worldwide.

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Silk fabric is also used for furnishing as well. In these cases, yarn is also used and silk embroidery is also done on the fabric.

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These days, silk scarves and silk sarees are extremely popular among people. Silk scarves are quite famous among modern women. The texture of the scarves along with its vibrant mix of colours available makes these scarves fashionable at all times.

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