Lanyard is a rope which is generally worn around one’s neck to carry an item to avoid losing it. Lanyards were originally used by naval officers and by the armed forces. It is quite common to see a traffic policeman or a security guard wearing a lanyard with a whistle fastened to it.

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Over the years lanyards have found their use in many places. Earlier, it was quite common to see people wearing a lanyard with a cell phone or a beeper hanging from it. Using lanyard for keys is also quite common to see.  Techies use lanyards to carry their flash drives as well!

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In many multi-national corporations lanyards are used by the employees to wear their ID cards or badges without the risk of losing them. Nowadays, lanyards are also being used for decorative purposes.

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During corporate events, lanyards with logos of the event are distributed to the participants and ID cards for the event are provided along with the lanyard.

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