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Kusudama Origami

Kusudama – the decorative Japanese Paper ball

Origami, the folk art of paper folding is one of the most interesting contributions of Japan to the art world. A sheet of paper when folded in the right method and direction will result in amazing decorative and fun items. None of us would ever forget the first paper boat we made!

Kusudama OrigamiImage Credit

The Kusudama flower, which requires more advanced techniques of paper folding results in a beautiful piece of art work. This is almost like modular origami which comprises of its various parts made and then put together.

Kusudama OrigamiImage Credit


The tutorial to make a simple kusudama flower can be seen here.

Just like other origami designs, this one too can be made with any type of paper which can hold a crease.

Kusudama OrigamiImage Credit

You first start by creating one module (a symmetrical part) of the Kusudama flower with a paper of desired color and texture. Then identical and symmetrical units are made. There are many variations of this origami and it is not that only a flower design can be made although the name says so.  As you see below, a kusudama model can be a set of any design put together.

Kusudama OrigamiImage Credit

Unlike traditional origami technique which needs no stitching or gluing (this is because, traditional origami is typically made of a single sheet of paper), kusudama requires the parts made to be glued together to result in the final model.

You can see how to make a modular Kusudama Paper ball here.

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