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Jewelry – a symbol of personal identity

Jewelry has been popular among women for ages – over the decades jewelry which was once used for adornment of oneself has transformed itself into an icon of personal identity. With a piece of jewelry, one can make a fashion statement.

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In earlier days, jewelry was made out of stones and this slowly moved to metals such as bronze and copper. After transformations and changes in styles and preferences, gold, silver and over the last few decades platinum jewelry has gained lot of popularity among fashion enthusiasts.

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Similarly precious stones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire and topaz are widely used in jewels. The favorites are however pearl and the queen of all – diamonds.

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In many parts of the world, jewelry made out of precious metals and gemstones are regarded as a status symbol and a medium for exhibiting the wealth one might possess. Bridal jewelry in many parts of the world is extremely expensive and is made of precious metals, primarily gold. Nowadays, white gold and semi-polished gold are much sought for.

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In the fashion world however, jewelry is to accessorize oneself and is to showcase one’s sense of fashion as well. Beaded jewelry, light weight jewelry, ethnic wear many other forms of personalized jewelry are very much in.

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