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Cross Stitch patterns

Cross stitch is a type of embroidery in which stitches are made in ‘+’ or ‘x’ shape. This is one of the oldest forms of embroidery designing and has since its inception gone through various changes and has given birth to various forms of cross stitching.

Patterns to experiment…

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The earlier days cross stitch patterns primarily were of two colors, the commonest of the combinations being red and black and white and black. An example is shown below:

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Cross stitches initially were used in household fabrics such as linen but over the years have grown to a larger canvas. The commonly used types however are the basic cross stitch which is used in embroidery and double cross stitch. Since basic cross stitches are quite simple to make, various canvases with different images are available which help beginners to get a hang of the art.

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Double cross stitch could be used for embroidery once you’re familiar with the basic cross stitch method. Due to its pattern, double cross stitch gives a more tightly sewed appearance to embroidery designs.

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Cotton floss thread would give amazing results when used for embroidery with cross stitches.  Give it a shot!

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To add to the charm of cross stitch patterns, beads and such embellishments could be sewed along with the stitches. This however would be a better fit for embroidery in silk or such material.

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