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Bridal Mehendi

Bridal mehendi

We have already seen the benefits of mehendi, many mehendi designs, the types of mehendi and the method of applying mehendi in the earlier posts. This article throws light on the various mehendi designs suitable for a bride on her wedding day!

Design 1:

Bridal MehendiImage Credit

In many Arabic nations and in India, on the day before the wedding, a mehendi function is celebrated. On this occasion, women of all ages taking part in the wedding gather around, apply henna/mehendi on their hands and sing songs to celebrate the occasion.Herbs with medicinal properties are added to the henna while making the henna paste.

Design 2:

Bridal MehendiImage Credit

The mehendi pattern which is made for the bride is very special and the pattern starting from the bride’s palms covering her hands are drawn. Designs are made in her feet as well.

Design 3:

Bridal Mehendi

Image Credit

Once the mehendi dries up, the mehendi is scrapped off and oil is applied. Generally Gingely oil is applied and rubbed. The heat while applying oil helps to give a darker hue color to the mehendi and makes the hands look beautiful.

Design 4:

Bridal MehendiImage Credit

The charming crimson color on the bride’s hands makes her feel special and stand apart from the rest of the crowd. After all, it is every bride’s desire to feel pampered!

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