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Arabic Mehendi

Mehendi is the application of a paste of henna leaves on hands and feet. Mehendi is applied on through the use of cones filled with the paste. Beautiful intricate patterns are drawn during special occasions.

Design 1

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Arabic mehendi is a type of mehendi pattern common in countries that follow the Islamic tradition and in Arabic speaking countries. Arabic mehendi is quite popular which is also due to its historical significance.  During weddings and such special or auspicious occasions, people apply henna symbolic of joy. The medicinal property of henna makes it more acceptable among the communities. This is probably a key reason for pregnant women many countries to apply mehendi during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Design 2:

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The specialty of this mehendi type is that, the designs are mostly floral and are drawn in such a way that the designs are prominent and the strokes are thicker than the Indian mehendi patterns. As seen in the below image, the patterns are thicker and for this a slightly bigger aperture is made in the cone which is used.

Design 3:

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The cones are generally made of polythene material is order to retain the moisture content of the henna paste. Also, ground areca nuts and lemon juice are added to the past in order to bring out a dark hue shade. The practice of adorning the mehendi designs with coloured stones is also quite common. This is mostly done for bridal mehendi designs.

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