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Tulasi Madam Kolam

Tulasi Kolam

The Tulasi Madam as it is called is a sacred spot in the house where the Tulsi plant is kept in a rectangular pot like structure. The plant is considered sacred and is worshiped with pujas and rituals performed. During auspicious occasions, Tulasi madam kolam is drawn in houses. Here are a few simple to complex Tulasi madam kolam designs.

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Pongal Kolam designs

Pongal kolam design

It is that time of the year when you have festivals and celebrations one after the other. So we just finished celebrating Christmas and New Year and, for the Indians, next is the harvest festival – Pongal or Sankranthi as it is called in different parts of the country. A tradition during Pongal is to draw huge kolams or rangolis in the houses as a symbol of the happiness and mood that the festive season brings. 

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Kolams – Rice flour patterns

Kolams are drawings/patterns made on the floor. Kolams are considered auspicious, a symbol of prosperity and are drawn near the entrance of houses in India. This tradition is followed over the ages. Kolams are drawn with rice flour mixed with a powder called Kolam powder to make it convenient for drawing the kolams.

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