An Art called Mehendi

Mehendi – this is one of the traditions which loved and cherished by any woman. Mehendi is a shrub which gives a beautiful red hue colour to one’s hands when ground and applied on to. There are various forms of Mehendi designs such as Indian mehendi

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Pookalam (Floral Rangolis)


Pookalams are floral designs born in God’s Own Country – Kerala, India. These floral designs are used to adorn houses in Kerala during the festive season of Onam. Flowers of various colors are carefully picked and are arranged to result in a beautiful rangoli filled with flowers.

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Ezhai Kolam

There are several traditions followed by Indians over the ages – one of these traditions is the practice of drawing a kolam on the ground, near the entrance of one’s home. A kolam is like a painting which is drawn on the floor using rice flour. Kolams were originally drawn not only for adornment, but also because

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