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A Beginner’s Guide to Decoupage

Decoupage - Image 3 - Letter Holder

Derived from the French word ‘découper’ which means to cut out, decoupage refers to the art of layering cutouts of pictures onto an object. The process is completed by coating the object with multiple layers of varnish. Paper-mâché items, glass, wood, and vases can be enhanced using this technique. The winning quality of this art is how the varnish causes the end product to look like it has been meticulously painted upon. What could you decorate? A wide variety of household items may be decorated, including boxes, flower pots, mirrors, photo frames, trays, lamps, and furniture pieces. You may either choose to revamp the existing objects, or buy plain items ...

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10 Easy Glass Painting Ideas


Glass painting is a fun & an interesting hobby. There are several creative glass painting designs of flowers you can try after a glass painting tutorial. Glass painting is also great for revamping old and simple items. With new techniques it’s become easy to glass paint. Even if your hands are not steady, you can create beautiful things. Glass painting is also a fun way to be creative with your kids. Try these 10 easy to execute glass painting ideas now! Glass painting on bottles is a great place to start because used glass bottles are free available. Paint a flowery design or a bouquet of flowers on an old ...

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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Paper Crafts


We often invest in expensive antiques and handicrafts to add to the vibrancy of our living space. But, did you know that this could also be done by paper craft creations made by you? You can achieve the desired look for your home with simple yet beautiful paper craft items that you can make on your own with nothing but scissors, paper and glue! This not only adds to the aesthetic value of your home, but also saves you from spending money on expensive artifacts. Wall art using paper quilling Paper quilling is a resourceful yet simple way of converting paper strips into intricate and elegant designs. Pinching the paper ...

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