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Madhubani Style Pot Painting

Madhubani Pot Painting

Madhubani Paintings, also known as Mithila paintings is one of the ancient forms of painting which originated in Mithila, in the state of Bihar. The paints were made using natural dyes/pigments and painted using twigs or fingers. In the ancient days, the mud walls of houses served as the canvas for this art while these days Madhubani paintings are done on canvas, handmade paper or cloth. As an admirer of this form of painting, and as a beginner, this is my first attempt at making a simple Madhubani design on a mud pot.

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Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918)

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt, the artist known for his sketches and murals, the Symbolist painter was born in the year 1862 near Vienna. Klimt took up art seriously and studies in the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts till the year 1883. During this period, he developed a liking for various art forms and slowly started gaining mastery in architecture. He also took up mural works and started a career in art with mural painting.

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