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Silent night – quilled Christmas Card – DIY


It has been a while that I have written a blog on quilling, wait no longer! Paper quilling is one of the most and trending crafts nowadays, one of the reasons would definitely be it is so simple to do and the results are so pretty. Quilling has been around for a while now.  Nuns of the middle ages used to decorate their prayer books with paper filigree which has been reinvented to be named as quilling. Christmas is around the corner and it is time to spread some holiday cheer with quilling! Make this gorgeous card with the little ones. Initiate the hobby and in no time you will ...

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How to make a Christmas bunting using glass colours – DIY


Hi Crafters How are you doing? There is a slight nip in the air and winters are slowly approaching. Everything looks so beautiful around the kids wait eagerly for the rest of the festivals to arrive already. So the last big one of the year is Christmas! Christmas, probably is one of the most celebrated festivals all around the world. As they say, Jesus Christ was born on this very day and the celebration revolves around his teachings and the spirit of giving. During Christmas homes are decorated way in advance with newer ideas each year. There are sweet meats that are prepared ahead of time. A time when families ...

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