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Modular Origami

3D Origami Candy Bowl – Tutorial

3D Origami Bowl

Take a candy everyone… Artplatter.com is 2 years old today! 🙂 Thank you all for your support and patronage!! Today we will see a 3D Origami Bowl model to hold colorful candy. This 3D Origami bowl is a bit time consuming and can be done in different sizes and designs depending on your taste. The tutorial here will give you an idea of the technique.

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Origami Menko – Folding Instructions

Origami Menko

An origami menko is one of the traditional modular origami models in which two paper units are connected to form the model. This origami model is the precursor the origami cube which was designed based on the folding technique of a menko. Menkos are one of the earliest modular origami models and to this date remain one of the popular modular origami models too. The sheer simplicity of the model could be one of the reasons it is this popular.

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Cherry Blossoms Kusudama – Tutorial

There are many types of the traditional kusudama. This beautiful art of paper folding will never stop surprising you. The various patterns and the different method of making the units only result in increasing my kusudama addiction! The one we see here is a Sakuradama or a Sakura Kusudama as it is referred to and I believe this model is by KAWASAKI Toshikazu. Thanks to the Japanese for this lovely art. 

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