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Jewellery clay modelling – DIY

clay jhumkas diy

Hello Craft enthusiasts!! Festive season is here and it is time to indulge in revelry and it is time for gold and some bling. The markets are already adorned with festive décor and the retail stores are trying to woo the customers with new designs and finery. Houses are being cleaned and sweets being made and then people like us are thinking of newer ideas to make this festival a special one. In India, festivities mean a lot of shopping and gifting. Half of the jewellery trade happens during the festive season in India. Whilst nobody can take the sheen off gold and diamond jewellery, terracotta jewellery, handmade silver jewellery ...

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How to make a goodies bag – Tutorial

Goody bag DIY

Hello Crafters! How are things with you? Are you doing some summer workshops for kiddos? Then I have just the project for you. An ideal paper craft project, this one is so much fun to do. Paper crafting has come back with a vengeance. Be it origami or paper collage or paper cutting, all have varying degrees of difficulty and intricacy. Here is a paper craft idea using paper punches and quilling. A craft punch is a hybrid of the 2 holes punch we all have come across, with which we use to punch holes on paper to file them. With a paper punch we can make beautiful and uniform ...

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DIY Decoupage jewellery chest – Tutorial

decoupage jewellery box

  Have you ever thought that this table or chest needs a makeover, but well, you don’t have the time or the patience to call the carpenter to do the needful and then some more? There is a perfect solution to alleviate all these concerns of a bit lazy and then a wee bit creative folks, decoupage! A rage in the art and craft world, ’Decoupage’ is an easy way to beautify or upcycle the article you are ready to throw away. It is a great craft and anyone in the family can have a go at it. You can pretty much decoupage anything from heels of shoes to tired ...

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Origami Knick knacks boxes – Tutorial

Hi guys! How is this year treating you? One quarter gone already in a jiffy and there is so much to do and learn. I happened to learn a new craft last month called ‘Kirigami’. It is cutting of the paper in intricate patterns and shapes. It is a variation of ‘Origami’ and dear ol’ Origami needs no introduction. The appearance of ‘kaagaz ki kashtis’ in the aftermath of torrential rains and the subsequent fun is still as fresh as yesterday. Origami the simplest and at the same time the most complicated of the crafts. Avoided till recently as not complicated craft enough for serious crafters, it has come back ...

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How to make felt flower barrettes – Tutorial

Make barrettes for Little girls

You can make your own flower barrettes for you or your little ones with simple supplies. Supplies needed Step 1 Draw the desired outline on a felt piece. I have chosen a floral pattern for this. Step 2 Cut out along the outline drawn. Cut out fully and snip off any uneven edges. Step 3 Cut another piece of felt. Step 4 Apply fabric glue on the back of the smaller piece of felt. Step 5 Glue the two pieces together and allow the glue to dry for some time. Step 6 You can use decorative buttons and smaller pieces of felt to create a pattern of your choice. After ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Decoupage

Decoupage - Image 3 - Letter Holder

Derived from the French word ‘découper’ which means to cut out, decoupage refers to the art of layering cutouts of pictures onto an object. The process is completed by coating the object with multiple layers of varnish. Paper-mâché items, glass, wood, and vases can be enhanced using this technique. The winning quality of this art is how the varnish causes the end product to look like it has been meticulously painted upon. What could you decorate? A wide variety of household items may be decorated, including boxes, flower pots, mirrors, photo frames, trays, lamps, and furniture pieces. You may either choose to revamp the existing objects, or buy plain items ...

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Quilling Jewellery workshop – June

Quilling Jewellery workshop

Hello there people!! Thank you all for your responses showing interest in the online Workshop to be conducted.   The sub-topics to be covered are: Basics of quilling How to make a quilling stud How to make a quilling jhumka How to make a dangling earring with quilling Tips and tricks Please keep the following materials available: Slotted quilling tool Quilling strips Fabric glue Earring posts and ear backs Fish hook ear wires Couple of beads or bead spacers of choice Jump rings Flat nose pliers (optional) We still have two slots open and you are welcome to contact me on artplatter@gmail.com latest by 16th June 2015. Thank you all for the ...

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