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Aesthetic Fashion

Neck Tattoos

When one thinks of tattoos, neck tattoos are the ones that comes to the mind in terms of  actually showing off the tattoos you got for yourself after all the pain you had to endure! Neck tattoos are simply more than tattoos, they become a symbol of identity which you express through that long neck of yours. For those of you who tie your hair back, neck tattoos are simply what you need.

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Labret Piercing

Vertical Labret Piercing

Labret piercing is a type of body piercing to get your lip pierced. It derives its name from the word labrum which means upper lip. The art of adorning one’s labrum is labret piercing. Let us see a few types and jewelry suitable for labret piercing.

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Bracelets Collection

I recently saw an ad on television which says friends are like jewelry; the more you have, the happier you feel. Bracelet is one such piece of jewelry which unlike many other types of its counterparts can be worn with any outfit. All you really have to do is to pick the right type and design of jewelry. And that’s what this article is about – looking at some of the types of bracelets around to help us pick the best.

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Cufflinks – ideal gift for Him!


It is the season to give (of gifting) and so a time for gift ideas as well! It is always a challenge to shop for men… You have got very few choices you see! One of the best gifts you can always get a guy is cufflinks. These can be used for any occasion as well on official meetings and office parties. These also give a sophisticated look to the wearer.

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Konad Nail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art

Konad nail art is a craze among nail art lovers these days. This is a nail stamping art which gives your nails a decorated and beautiful look. And what’s more… you can do it at home! Konad nail art stamping kits are available in the market. There are various designs which come in these kits. You could pick your design and give your nails that stylish look you had always wanted!

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Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring

Of all jewelry, an engagement ring is one of the most important ornaments, which you pick out with utmost care. This ring represents your love and is something you’d treasure for years to come! The most preferred engagement ring is the diamond studded one which most prefer as, after all diamonds are one of the greatest ways to say, “I love you, and shall do so forever!”

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Hoop Earrings!

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings have always been popular among women. These days a rage is seen even among celebrities of tinsel town for hoop earrings. There are various types of hoop earrings in different models available. The most common is the good old large single goop earring. Let’s see more on the types and how to go about selecting the most suitable one…!

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