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Nail Art

Black & White Nail Designs

Nail Design

Here are a set of nail designs in black and white. These colors are good to go with any party wear and most of the designs are such that they can be carried well with formal wear too. I stumbled upon many of these nail designs as I was doing some research on the different types of fashion statements one could make using these salt and pepper shades.

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Konad Nail Art Designs

Konad Nail Art

Konad nail art is a craze among nail art lovers these days. This is a nail stamping art which gives your nails a decorated and beautiful look. And what’s more… you can do it at home! Konad nail art stamping kits are available in the market. There are various designs which come in these kits. You could pick your design and give your nails that stylish look you had always wanted!

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Toe Nail Art Designs

Toe nail art

Nail art is gaining popularity among women and they also go in for different styles such as konad nail art too.  Many women however restrict nail art to finger nails and generally toe nails are less cared for. Nail art designs when applied on toe nails make your feet look pampered and beautiful. Lets see how…

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