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Hello There! Welcome!

This is Ramya, a Management consultant by Profession and a part time arts and crafts blogger.

About Art Platter

This website started off as just a hobby and has now become much more! I experiment with different crafts, whatever I feel like and whatever I feel my readers would find useful.

Currently Art Platter has articles on topics regarding regarding various art forms such as Crafts, Jewelry Making, Origami, Body Art, Paintings, Legacy art forms and a few other topics.

I believe that little but interesting information is what stays with us. So, that is how I try to structure my posts. The aim is to give you a complete and at the same time an interesting reading, ‘art’ing, and crafting experience.

Do leave your comments, it will help me do better!


  1. may i have join with u.can u giving classes.plz give ur contact no.
    i like ur site and design

  2. Love your site!

  3. That is great work. Do you provide training or workshops to people.

  4. all your works are good and nice keep doing !!!! i like the step to

  5. Hi Remya
    your works are excellent !
    I’m also a beginner in terracotta jewelry…
    I need some clarification regarding the jhumka with stud…How to connect between the back stud with the hanging jhumka..?

  6. Hi Ramya..,

    I’ve sent you a question regarding decoration of huge baskets where south Indian brides are made to sit in it during weddings.., but so far haven’t received any mail or reply so far. Pls suggest any ideas.

    Thank You!!

  7. Can i also join the site to post under the different headings provided by you.


    • Hi Subha, Could you email me about the kind of topics you’d be interested to write with a few samples of your work? Let’s take it from there…!

  8. Saraswati Vaidheesh

    Dear Ramya,
    I am about to publish a cookery book on South Indian Vegetarian cooking. For decorating some of the pages in between the recipes, I would like to use some of your kolam designs. Please can I have your permission to use them ? Needless to say, I will mention your website name as well as yours in the credits. I would like to use your Sikku kolam designs 1,2,3,and 4. Please can you give me written permission so that I can use them? I had already written to you a few days back and havent recieved a reply from you. Would really appreciate a quick reply as my book is on the verge of getting printed. Thank you.
    Warm regards,
    Saraswati Vaidheesh

  9. Saraswati Vaidheesh

    Thank you so much Ramya! Will definitely do so. What is your full name? I want to put it in the credits. Will inform you when then book comes out.
    Warm regards,
    Saraswati Vaidheesh
    P.S. I also do Madhubani paintings and other art.

  10. palem durgasheela

    Hi Ramya
    Your works r excellent . pl can u give ur contact no.

  11. Ur cards are really beautiful and cute… I love them.

  12. Greetings, Ramya
    Your Work has been the greatest inspiration we have ever gotten. We are huge fans of all the 3D origami you have made.
    We made many of your Products and held an Auction and Exhibition Of these models which people our Ahmedabad City loved and every time we make a product of yours, theres a spot where it say Inspired by Artplatter.
    We have gotten a facebook page up and would really like for you to be apart of it as a sponserer, as all our money we had earned went for Charity. Art for the living 😀

  13. Awesome !! love your work..the in detail tutorials you provide are so so good.. also the site..its so vibrant and userfriendly..great going!


  15. wow…such beautiful artwork you have done. I was looking for some craft ideas for my daughter on net and yours is the I have found.Even I would like to try some of them

  16. Hi Rama…Thanks for sharing such lovely ideas for us….:0)

  17. Hi Ramya,

    My name is Prathima I also do some art work like kundan rangoli, floating rangoli or floating kundan candles etc…… I would like to post a few articles too. I request you to let me know how I can join & what I should do to contribute a few useful articles here.

  18. V. Prathima May 15, 2014
    Hi Ramya,

    My name is swetha I also do some art , craft work n vegetable carvings like quilling n beads jewelary, kundan rangoli, vegetable carvings etc…I would like to post a few articles too. I request you to let me know how I can join & what I should do to contribute a few useful articles here.

  19. Ramya, Very nice work. Easy to learn. Thanks. I am very much interested in quilling works.
    Give more tips. Thank u.

  20. Hi Ramya,

    Unable to see the pictures on your website, your website is very important and informative , please fix

    • Oh is it…sure will check right away! Thanks.

      • Hey anupama… I have been doing some changes to my website…could you clear your browser cache and try again? If not, could you try a different browser and tell me if you still are facing the issue? Thanks!

  21. Hi Ramya, simply having a doubt on making quilling earrings.. What should be the size of the quilling strips in general??? Waiting for ur reply..

  22. Thanks Ramya!!

  23. Hey ramya,
    Sinve you dont seem to have a contat widget on your blog, im writing to you here. I blog at thecraftyangels.com and as far as I searched, yours is one of the very few hobby crafts blogs from India. I would be glad if we could do some collaboration posts and learn more 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at thecraftyangels@gmail.com

  24. Thank you Ramya, your artwork is really beautiful and a delight to see it and discover how to realize it! Congratulations!

  25. Hello,
    Am keen to have you make some thalis for me using your art. Please give me your email id for further discussion.

  26. Hi Ramya

    My daughter and I are interested in rangoli art, can you advise where to get the Ball chains and beads,. If not can you send me through post and I can send money I am in Toronto, Canada.

  27. Ramya ,can you please resend that mail that you sent .my inbox seems to have deleted it. thanks .lets see how wecan work together

  28. excellent i also want to join u .ple.accept my request and i also like to learn art from u.

  29. Looking for some Pata Chitra paintings of A4 size sheets at reasonable rates.
    Would like to contact you, if you are interested in supplying, we need them in bulk.

    Sunil Kumar

    • Hello Sunil,

      The article on Patachitra Paintings is a spotlight and I am not a Patachitra painter myself. But I do have some good contacts of artisans. If you can mail me your requirements along with your budget to artplatter@gmail.com, I can get you the required paintings.

  30. Premala Pogeendiran

    Hi Ramya,
    May I know where I can purchase the materials to make my very own jhumkas /earrings.


  31. Hi ramya,
    Your work is really beautiful.
    Willing to join you .how to?????

    • Hello Neelam. Thanks for your message. But I run this just for passion and I haven’t hired anyone so far to make tutorials for me.

  32. love this site……it helped me a lot ..thanks ramya

  33. Hello Ramya,

    My son likes to do Origami and his latest project was modular origami designs from your blog.
    all of us absolutely loved the way they came out.
    Thanks for sharing it and wish you a very long long blogging with more interesting designs.

    Thanks again

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