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Handmade quilling clock – DIY

Hello Crafters!


How have you been? It has been a month already into 2018. Have you tried something new?


I decided to renew some of my past hobbies and the first one in the list is paper quilling! Quilling or paper filigree of lately has become one of the most popular crafting pursuits. From accessories to home décor to even utility article, with quilling you can make all! Not a recent concept, paper quilling had been around since past 5 centuries. Paper filigree used to be done on prayer books ornately to decorate them. With the advent of Makers’ Movement early this century the concept of quilling has found many takers.

Quilling art is shaping of colourful paper strips of various sizes and sticking the sizes together to form a shape like a flower or a heart or even a bicycle. Oh the unlimited joy of crafting!

So, these two ladies, who happen to be my best friends decided that they will send their kids over to my place to learn quilling. I wanted them to make something useful from the paper coils so that they do not forget the lesson in a jiffy and hence decided to make this clock. Simple and just lovely!

Supplies needed

We would need the following for making this:

  1. Fevicryl Leaf Green colour
  2. Fevicol MR,
  3. 7mm Quilling Strips – Brown, Orange and Yellow
  4. Quilling Needle
  5. MDF Round Placemat
  6. Clock Attachment
  7. Piece of sponge
  8. Colour palette

Step 1

We start with taking a round placemat and paint it with Leaf Green colour or any other colour of choice. Ask kids to sponge dab on the placement as it will be easy and there will be no brush strokes visible. Leave it to dry. Mark the center of the circle and make a hole with a compass needle.


Step 2

Take 7mm quilling strips and make loose quills of it.


Step 3

Using the pinching technique make petal shapes out of the orange and yellow strips.


Step 4

Make a spiral pattern out of the brown quilling strip.


Step 5

Stick and assemble the orange and yellow petal shapes into a five petal flower.

Step 6

Arrange these flowers with the spiral pattern in between on the painted placemat using Fevicol MR. Leave it to dry.


Step 7

Take the clock unit and attach it on the rear side of the round placemat and secure the hand in the front.


And we are done!

There are multiple ways in which we can decorate the clock with quilling. Art and craft ideas for quilling galore, we just need to pick the one which suits us the best.

Hope you liked this project! Keep tuned for more and #keepcreating

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