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Clay modelling – Pen holder for kids DIY

Clay modelling till some time back was associated with something that kids play with, but thankfully no longer! Clay has taken the imagination of crafters by storm and every day they are churning out beautiful pieces in scores. There are so many types of clay available and we always get the one available which suits our requirement.

Of these, my favourite is Shilpkar. It is actually not clay but epoxy and works very well for my crafting needs. It is air dry clay and doesn’t require any baking. You can make almost anything out of it – be it jewelery, decor pieces, murals or utility articles.

So there was something that I was wanting to do for my kiddo and then as an afterthought, made a small fun piece for his best friend too. Here Mr. Monkey, the pen holder! Isn‘t it totally cute?!


Supplies needed:

  • Shilpkar clay
  • A4 Sized OHP Sheet
  • Fabric Glue
  • Clay modelling tools
  • Talcum powder
  • Acrylic colours – white and orange
  • Paint brushes

Step 1

Start by mixing the resin and hardener parts of Shilpkar and let it rest for 2- 3 minutes.


Note: Shilpkar may stick to wooden surfaces so use an OHP sheet as the base to work on. Sprinkle a bit of talc on the hands and the working surface for the ease of use.

Step 2:

Roll the dough with a rolling pin and cut 2 big circles for the body of the monkey.


Step 3:

With the rest of the dough, make nose, eyes, hands, legs and tail of the monkey.


Step 4:

Assemble all of them together and attach them to the main body part with Fabric Glue. Make some coils in the tail while moulding; this will act like a holder. I have made a small twig on which the Mr. Monkey is hanging.  Allow it to dry.

Step 5:

Now is the painting bit. I wanted something which is bright nice and different so decided to go for teal and white and painted the monkey with small brush strokes. Leave it to dry.


Here we have an easy peasy pen holder. I made one Mr. Crabby too in almost the same manner.


Aren’t these super cute clay toys? This is a great idea for art and craft for kids. You could have your kids do small décor articles themselves and put them up for display. They will be excited and would come up with some out of the box ideas. Do try and let me know if you have any queries!


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