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How to make a Christmas bunting using glass colours – DIY

Hi Crafters

How are you doing? There is a slight nip in the air and winters are slowly approaching. Everything looks so beautiful around the kids wait eagerly for the rest of the festivals to arrive already.

So the last big one of the year is Christmas! Christmas, probably is one of the most celebrated festivals all around the world. As they say, Jesus Christ was born on this very day and the celebration revolves around his teachings and the spirit of giving.

During Christmas homes are decorated way in advance with newer ideas each year. There are sweet meats that are prepared ahead of time. A time when families and friends get together, there is the practice of going to the church as it is the holy month. Christmas also is synonymous with the beautiful X’mas tree that is so fondly and excitedly decorated. You have baubles and mistletoe, Santa Claus with his surprise gifts in stockings for children, the star and the hollies, the gold and silver buntings everywhere. It is a time when people are in high spirits and get together to share and celebrate the festival with a lot fervor and excitement.

So to start getting into the spirit of Christmas I decided to make some buntings in a slightly different way. How do you find it, do say!

Supplies needed

  1. 3D Glitter Silver Fevicryl outliners
  2. glass painting kit,
  3. Fabric Glue,
  4. Silver Ribbon,
  5. Pencil,
  6. A3 Sized White Paper,
  7. A3 Sized OHP Sheet,
  8. Scissors,
  9. Googly Eyes and
  10. Silver Bells.

To begin this project, trace Christmas symbolic elements, like an X’mas tree, a Santa face, Stockings, Mistletoes and a reindeer face, on a white sheet of paper. In fact there are myriad glass painting designs on the internet, one can choose from.  Keep an OHP sheet on top of the paper and colour the outlines with silver glitter. Let it dry.


We use the 3D outliner as a guard so that when the glass colours are filled they do not spread and seep out. Now Paint the X’mas elements in typical Christamsy colours. Let them dry thoroughly.


Look at them they are already looking so pretty. Now cut each of the elements neatly with a pair of scissors. They have to be completely dried before cutting each one of them. To make it sturdy cut out a stiff piece of card paper the same size as each element and stick it on the OHP cutout using Fabric Glue. This would help to give body to each motif and element.


Once they have been neatly cut, take a silver ribbon and stick it from the rear side  with the help of Fevicryl Fabric Glue. Each element / Christmas motif should have a ribbon stuck from its rear side. See the image for clarity. You could use colourful ribbons too; any that suits your fancy. Christmas colours usually are red, green and gold, use colours that you are fond of.


The streamer now needs to be brought together like a bunting. So what we have done is stuck each of the elements on a long silver ribbon at regular intervals and varying heights using Fevicryl Fabric Glue. Also you can stick silver bells in between for that extra bling. This is how the ready streamer for Christmas would look. The glass colours once dried would look bright, beautiful and they glisten J. You can make a big glass painting too using the same method.

So get going make your own decorations for the season and compliments will galore! There are many more festive art and craft ideas in the offing. Check out this space for more! Happy crafting!

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