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How to make a paper lantern for Diwali – DIY

A very warm hello and a Happy Diwali to all the readers!

I hope this festive time is real fun for all of you and the New Year brings in loads of joy and success to all of you! Diwali, my favourite festival, is a time to rejoice and spread love and happiness. I totally love the bright faces and bright lights all around. Every year people find out newer ways to decorate and light up their homes!

I always wanted to make a nice kandil (paper lantern) of my own, since childhood. Most of the houses in our locality used to have this quintessential star lantern at the entrance of the house all throughout the festive season, so much so that their disappearance used to indicate the end of the festivals.

So we collected some card paper, Fabric glue, scissors, paper cutter, OHP sheets, glass paints, glue and some glitter and decided to make our own paper lantern.  My daughter wanted to do a sky lantern but that has been postponed for Sankranti festival.

Paper crafts can be simple and complicated at the same time. Paper being the most versatile of the crafting supplies available can be used for varied projects and it is so much fun crafting paper. There are so many art and craft ideas to decorate the space around you and we began with this one. We love our little star and here it is.

Step 1

For this star we need to start with 5 A3 sized papers. With a pencil draw a template of the triangular points of the star. Draw and cut the mosaic shaped tiles on the alternate points. Refer to the image.


Step 2

Make five such 5 templets.

Cut and remove the excess paper with the pair of the scissors neatly.


Step 3

Take an OHP/transparent plastic sheet. Draw and cut the similar triangular shaped which can easily fit against the mosaic cutouts from the inner side of the triangular point of the star. Paint the triangles using Water Based Glass Colour Sea Blue 853. Leave it to dry completely. Make 10 such triangles.


Step 4

Stick the painted OHP triangles from the inner side of the star with Fabric Glue.

Let it dry.


Step 5

Paint the outline of the mosaic cut out with Glitter Gold.

Let it dry.


Step 6

Fold the cutout of the star neatly on the marked lines. Secure the ends with Fevicol. Leave it to dry.


Step 7

Stick all five hands of the star to one another with Fevicol at the top. Leave it to dry. Refer to the image.

Diwali lanternim8

Step 8

Paint a mosaic pattern towards the pointed side of star using Glitter Gold. Let it dry.


Step 9

The star will look like this.


Step 10

At the end punch two holes in the bottom two hands of the star in opposite direction to tie the thread.


And our star lantern is ready! Isn’t it cute? Now we are just waiting for the day to arrive to hang it at the door.

Do let me know whether you liked the project and if you have any queries! Would love to hear from you!

Happy Holidays!!

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