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Jewellery clay modelling – DIY

Hello Craft enthusiasts!!

Festive season is here and it is time to indulge in revelry and it is time for gold and some bling.

The markets are already adorned with festive décor and the retail stores are trying to woo the customers with new designs and finery. Houses are being cleaned and sweets being made and then people like us are thinking of newer ideas to make this festival a special one.

In India, festivities mean a lot of shopping and gifting. Half of the jewellery trade happens during the festive season in India. Whilst nobody can take the sheen off gold and diamond jewellery, terracotta jewellery, handmade silver jewellery or quilled jewellery has started making inroads. Crafters are thinking of nouvelle designs which make these so much more fun to make and wear.

From the last visit to the craft store I got this pack of Shilpkar which is an air drying epoxy compound and decided to make some festive jewellery using this. So as the jhumkas are trending I zeroed down to making a pair for myself and here are. Aren’t they like pretty if I may so say so myself; and not difficult to make at all. They just require a bit of patience and clay modelling skills.

Supplies needed

So we need 2 packets of Shilpkar, an OHP Sheet, talcum powder, 2 small balls or caps, 2 metal rings, half cut pearls, Fabric Glue, Acrylic colours Pearl White and Peal Metallic Gold, paint brush and earring attachments for these.

How to make jewellery using self hardening clay

Step 1

We start with mixing resin and hardener. Mix till you get even coloured dough.


Step 2

Now start rolling thin coils from the dough.


Step 3

Wrap them over the balls in a conical fashion as shown in the image. Insert loops at the ends. Make half domes of Jhumkas.


Step 4

Similarly make two tear drop shaped coils for the stud. Insert a stud jewellery attachment from behind while the clay is still wet. Leave it to dry.


Step 5

Paint the cones and the tear drop shape coils with Pearl Metallic gold acrylic colours to give it that festive sheen.


Step 6

Pass the Golden hoop through the loop in the jhumkas.


Step 7

Make small clay flowers from the remaining dough.  Stick them onto the metal loop white the clay is still wet. Then let it dry.

I have painted the flowers with pearl white colours. You can choose your own combination.


After the colours have dried stick half cut pearls along the periphery of the conical jhumkas, in the center of flowers and tear drop shaped coil.

Now bring it all together.

Step 8

It will look like this when assembled.


My pretty earrings and now I need to go and buy an outfit to match these!

Art and Craft ideas on making clay jewellery galore or make something original, clay modelling is always fun. Go create your own finery and do let me know whether you liked this blog post.

Ciao till the next!

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