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Bottle decoupage

Simple beautiful decoupage on bottle

It has been sort of slack for a couple of weeks now but guess not for long now as we are almost into the festive season. Come August and there is little respite till the New Year.

I was reading an article on how more and more people in urban India are getting into the DIY mode. DIYs or ‘Do it yourself’ has been very popular these days and it has become a part of our culture. There is an introduction of an unheard product, concept or hobby almost every month. Like the other day I came to know about milk paint which is made from milk products and is used for distressing furniture. Interesting isn’t it? Art and craft ideas galore and that’s what makes making art so interesting.

Bottle decoupage

Decoupage is a hobby technique which is getting popular by the day. Decoupage is a French technique of gluing cut papers on a surface in an aesthetic way. People are doing decoupage on varied substrates like wood, glass, metal, canvas and even cloth. It gives that delicate surreal feel to the article and a brilliant finish too.

We need some basic things to do decoupage like the base, glue (Modge Podge), acrylic paints, brushes and decoupage design napkins. Decorate your house and offices with these projects and they make for some lovely handmade gifts too.

This is a bottle which was left over from revelrey over the weekend in a new avatar, all thanks to decoupage!

Step 1:

The first thing to be done was to remove the label from the bottle. It is easy if you have a wee bit of patience. Let the bottle stand in a bucket of water overnight and scrub the label in the morning. It comes out in a jiffy.

green bottle

Step 2:

Let the bottle dry. Then take a small piece of sponge to dab the bottle with Fevicryl white acrylic paint. Base coat is a must.

bottle with base coat

Step 3:

Let the base coat dry thoroughly and then paint a second coat of the base colour which matches with the design. I took these napkins for decoupage. If you don’t have these pre- printed napkins you can attach a napkin to a normal A4 size paper with tape and take a print out. The thinner the paper is the better.


Step 4:

Next is to tear the flowers from the tissue and glue it to the bottle with Modge Podge. This is special glue which seals the design. Apply the glue vertically with a brush on the design and adjoining areas. After the first layer dries apply horizontally too, for an even finish.

with napkin glued

Step 5:

Take an old brush and brown acrylic paint. Spray a few drops on the base, while covering the roses with a tissue.

Finish the bottle with a layer of varnish and voila it is ready.

decoupage on bottle

Decorate your nooks and corners or create a vignette, this bottle will look lovely anywhere. You can make multiple bottles too to create a feel of rhythm. They can be used as tea light holders too or can be used as lamps. I can go on and on but then the possibilities are endless. If this blog has inspired you to do a decoupage project like now, do share what you have made. Happy Crafting!!

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