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Goody bag DIY

How to make a goodies bag – Tutorial

Hello Crafters!

How are things with you? Are you doing some summer workshops for kiddos? Then I have just the project for you. An ideal paper craft project, this one is so much fun to do.

Paper crafting has come back with a vengeance. Be it origami or paper collage or paper cutting, all have varying degrees of difficulty and intricacy. Here is a paper craft idea using paper punches and quilling. A craft punch is a hybrid of the 2 holes punch we all have come across, with which we use to punch holes on paper to file them.

With a paper punch we can make beautiful and uniform paper designs which can be further used for home décor, gift bags and boxes, frames or by the children for decorating their notebooks or school projects. Paper punches are also used extensively for mixed media projects.

In this project, I have made a goody bag with a paper punch and quilling fish.

What do we need for this project:

We need Fevicol, 5mm quilling strips, a flower punch, A4 Sized coloured card paper (yellow and orange), A3 sized green card paper, glitter paper ( optional), multi coloured thread.

Step 1:

So we start with making a gift bag using green card paper. Follow the template in the image and make lines on the paper.


Step 2:


Step 3:

Now fold the paper along the lines and stick the base with Fevicol and punch the holes on the top side of the paper bag for its handles.


Step 4:

The bag will look like this.


Step 5:

Stick the glitter paper on top of the bag and our base is ready.

For the fish fish, take an A4 sized yellow coloured card paper and draw the outline of the fish.

Step 6:


Step 7:

For making the scales of the fish, take a flower punch and cut it into half. Stick them on the fish with Fevicol. While using a punch, ensure that the punch is kept on a hard surface. Also handmade papers or fabric lined papers, corrugated papers or glitter papers are not ideal for punching.


Step 8:

Take the quilling strips and join two quilling strips together with Fevicol. Quill loose coils and shape it into a leaf shape for the fins and tail of the fish.


Step 9:

Assemble the fish by gluing all the parts together and then paste in on the bag. Voila my Nemo bag is ready.


Step 10:

Goody bag

Step 11:


I believe that I am turning into an art and craft ninja this summer. There are a variety of punches available and you can plan your project accordingly. Get going and keep creating!

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