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Happy birthday wreath

How to make a Happy Birthday wreath – DIY

I made this simple floral birthday wreath for my little one a month ago when she turned 2. This is an oval wreath and is made of cloth and cardboard. Here is the tutorial to make the floral wreath.

I’ve used pink and black colour cloth for the wreath to go with the theme of the party. You can use multiple colours and textures depending on your choice.

Step 1

Take a sheet of cardboard and cut out two half ovals out of the cardboard using a sharp cutter.


Step 2

Cut an inner circle to get this frame.


Step 3

Cut two such pieces and check if they fit well.


Step 4

Use a strong glue and stick the pieces together.


Step 5

In addition, you can tape them together to prevent the pieces from breaking off.


Step 6

As shown…


Step 7

Use a suitable colour paper and cover up the cardboard by gluing it on.


Step 8

Start making flowers using strips of cloth.


Step 9

Fold the strip in half and gather it using a needle and thread.


Step 10

As shown.


Step 11

You can see the flower being formed.


Step 12

The flower is completed. Stitch the two ends together.


Step 13

Make a neat center using felt or buttons or any other material of choice.


Step 14

Now glue the flowers on the cardboard base. Use fabric glue to ensure the flowers are glued on well.


Assemble them one by one..


And done!


Allow the glue to dry up well. Maybe for 3-4 hours and then it is good to adorn your home!

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