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decoupage jewellery box

DIY Decoupage jewellery chest – Tutorial


Have you ever thought that this table or chest needs a makeover, but well, you don’t have the time or the patience to call the carpenter to do the needful and then some more? There is a perfect solution to alleviate all these concerns of a bit lazy and then a wee bit creative folks, decoupage!

A rage in the art and craft world, ’Decoupage’ is an easy way to beautify or upcycle the article you are ready to throw away. It is a great craft and anyone in the family can have a go at it. You can pretty much decoupage anything from heels of shoes to tired old furniture that needs a bit of a sprucing up.

Decoupage art is amazing – there is so much you can do with it, and once you get started it is difficult to stop.  I have practically tried to decoupage everything from stools, to trays, to canvases, to bottles and even window panes at home.

I wanted to share my recent project on decoupage with you, this pretty vintage jewellery box.  I got this box on Diwali with some lovely toiletries and had kept it aside and forgot about it. Whilst cleaning the art supplies cupboard found it and here it is in its new avatar.


The materials that I had used for this project are box, tissue paper, fabric glue, and sello tape, print out of a vintage car, sand paper, acrylic colours black and gold and paint brushes.

I started with sanding the box slightly. This roughens the surface and colours stay easily on such a surface.


Next step was to crumple some tissues and paste them on to sides of the box with fabric glue. This gives the texture to the walls. Let it dry.


On drying of the tissues, colour the walls of the box with black acrylic colour. Leave it to dry.


Then apply a bit of gold paint to give it an antique look.


Take a paper with a drawing of a vintage car on it. You can use any as per your choice. Cut the paper as per the dimension of the top of the box. Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue on the top of the box. Start sticking the paper. .As you stick the paper in place, always run your fingertips across the paper to smooth away air bubbles and wrinkles. Work from the middle to the outer edge on each surface. Leave this to dry. Enhance the outlines of the car with black and gold paint. When the paint has dried apply another layer of decoupage glue evenly on to the top of the paper. Brush the edges of the paper with black and gold paint.


Isn’t this box pretty? I am going make a few more to gift to my friends and family. I am going the shabby chic way all the way this month 🙂 !!

Ciao till the next !

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