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Origami Knick knacks boxes – Tutorial

Hi guys! How is this year treating you? One quarter gone already in a jiffy and there is so much to do and learn. I happened to learn a new craft last month called ‘Kirigami’. It is cutting of the paper in intricate patterns and shapes. It is a variation of ‘Origami’ and dear ol’ Origami needs no introduction. The appearance of ‘kaagaz ki kashtis’ in the aftermath of torrential rains and the subsequent fun is still as fresh as yesterday.

Origami the simplest and at the same time the most complicated of the crafts. Avoided till recently as not complicated craft enough for serious crafters, it has come back into vogue with a vengeance. And then Origami is also a teacher of so many life skills. One wrong turn may lead to something totally new and unexpected. Concentration, perfection and simplicity are some other to recount a few others.

I was teaching how to make Origami projects to my son, who wants to be a painter, as in an artist when he grows up. We started with these cute little Origami boxes to keep his knickknacks on the table. These boxes are called ‘MASU’ in Japanese.

Step 1

So what we need is 6 by 6 inches square Origami papers and a bit of patience and concentration.

Fold it into half and then quarter.


Step 2

Then unfold the paper and bring all the four corners to the center.


Step 3

Then fold the right edge and the left edge onto the center line.




Step 4

Now unfold the paper as shown in the image and do a reverse fold. Tuck in sides from both the ends.


Step 5

Tuck in the flap in the triangle s in the center.


Step 6

Turn the box around and repeat the sequence.


Here we have a cute little Origami box. Trust me when I say that the little boy was so happy doing this that he almost ran through all the papers of his scrap book doing this. He made one for all in immediate family and close friends. If you want, you can change the type of paper and make shimmery, metallic and cool knickknack boxes for the grownups too.

Perfect for storing small pins to beads to candies to anything small under the sun, these boxes make a perfect mummy and kids craft project.

A’voir till the next one and Happy Summers!

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