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Beautiful fabric painting designs

It is quite natural for a person with a slight inclination towards making their own products to want to come up with different ways to achieve it. One of the ways to achieve it is by hand painting. It can be done using paints that have been made for this exact purpose.

With some amazing ideas and innovative thinking, fabric painting can be done by just about anyone.

Technically speaking Fabric Painting is the application of specialized paints to fabric. It is possible to paint any fabric, but tightly woven natural fabrics like cotton and silk are easiest to paint on.

Some people use paint on fabrics for effects, such as splattering or sponging, and these are less dependent on the type of fabric or paint for clean effects. Many different looks can be achieved with paint on fabrics.

What are the different techniques?

It is challenging to do Fabric painting in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, there is nothing that can stop you.

Here is the list of a few popular fabric painting techniques.

  1. Flat brush techniques
  2. Shaded effect brush techniques
  3. One stroke brush techniques
  4. Wet on wet brush techniques
  5. Sponge dabbing with stencil techniques
  6. Roller with stencil techniques
  7. Dry brush with stencil techniques
  8. Technique using blocks ( wood/ vegetable)
  9. Tie dye technique

Here are four techniques with understanding on how to achieve this look.



Select the product that you want to paint on and draw what you wish for on it. It can be fixed on to a ring or not (depending on the base material) and easily painted using fabric paints. This gives you the liberty to own whatever you want by just Fabric Painting it on your kurta, t-shirt or even your favorite pillow.



Fabric Painting can be done using one of the most versatile technique which gives much more character to the forms that you are filling in terms of light and shade; shaded effect technique using a brush. To achieve the above shown effect with fabric painting, Take a plain cotton cloth and draw or trace the Chinese motif for good luck on it. Paint it using Soft Acrylic Colours giving it a shading of dark blue to light blue; light brown to dark brown to yellow which acts like a highlight.




Sponge dabbing with stencil is another technique that comes under fabric painting. Stencils can be made using paper of higher GSM/ gateway sheet/OHP sheet by transferring designs on to them and cutting them accordingly. This later can be used on the fabric/ product of your choice. Sponge is used to dab the paint on to the fabric. It can be used to control the paint in the manner that you want.



This center tied pattern can be achieved with the fabric being wrapped accordingly using yarn. Instead of the fabric being dipped into the dye bath, wet the fabric and paint the open areas using fabric paint. Once dried, the desired effect can be seen.

Go ahead, try one of the above mentioned fabric painting techniques for a beautiful, custom fabric of your own choice and labour. Do let us know which technique turned out to be your favorite one in the comments below.



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