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Make barrettes for Little girls

How to make felt flower barrettes – Tutorial

You can make your own flower barrettes for you or your little ones with simple supplies.

Supplies needed


Step 1

Draw the desired outline on a felt piece. I have chosen a floral pattern for this.


Step 2

Cut out along the outline drawn.


Cut out fully and snip off any uneven edges.


Step 3

Cut another piece of felt.

Step 4

Apply fabric glue on the back of the smaller piece of felt.


Step 5

Glue the two pieces together and allow the glue to dry for some time.


Step 6

You can use decorative buttons and smaller pieces of felt to create a pattern of your choice. After gluing on the pieces, allow them to dry well. It should not take more than 20 minutes.


Like this…


Step 7

Apply a good adhesive like Feviqwik or Fevibond or any such suitable glue available. Glue on the snap clip to the back. Allow this to dry for an hour.


The barrette is now done!!


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