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Decoupage - Image 3 - Letter Holder

A Beginner’s Guide to Decoupage

Derived from the French word ‘découper’ which means to cut out, decoupage refers to the art of layering cutouts of pictures onto an object. The process is completed by coating the object with multiple layers of varnish.

Paper-mâché items, glass, wood, and vases can be enhanced using this technique. The winning quality of this art is how the varnish causes the end product to look like it has been meticulously painted upon.

What could you decorate?

A wide variety of household items may be decorated, including boxes, flower pots, mirrors, photo frames, trays, lamps, and furniture pieces. You may either choose to revamp the existing objects, or buy plain items which you could personalize later.

You may choose from a variety of base materials to work with, although most plastics do not work well with glue. You may conduct a test on the object’s surface, in order to save time and effort.

What are the steps you should follow?

Here’s a quick decoupage tutorial that will have you churning out masterpieces in no time

Step 1:

Dust off your object’s surface, and ensure it is completely clean. Sandpaper would help even out the surface if required.

Decoupage - Image 1 - Tissue Box

Step 2:

You may choose to use pictures, colored papers, magazine cutouts, tissues, wrapping paper, or decoupage paper.

Decoupage - Image 2 - Decoupage PaperStep 3:

Arrange the pictures against the object, initially without glue, in order to get a preview of what the final creation would look like.

Step 4:

Use a glue of your choice, spread it evenly and apply it to the pictures. While sticking them onto the object, make sure you smoothen out any creases with a damp sponge or cloth.

Step 5:

Apply varnish on the pictures after the glue has completely dried. You may use sandpaper to acquire an even texture, and follow it up with another coat of varnish.

What should you make?

Decoupage art is extremely easy and the techniques may be used to customize several objects. Floral motifs set against a pastel backdrop go a long way towards making not only your gift but also your gift boxes the talk of the town. For travel lovers, there are endless decoupage ideas, ranging from state map magnets, road map photo frames, to journal covers.  

Decoupage - Image 3 - Letter Holder

Image source : http://www.hobbyideas.in/diy/view/letter-holder-with-stamps


Tips and hacks

  • Decoupage paper is highly porous and is best suited for this activity. Alternatively, you may use fine origami paper.
  • Use an all-in-one alternative to adhesives that acts as a glue, sealant, and varnish.
  • If you notice the formation of air bubbles on the object post-drying, don’t worry; simply pop the bubble using a safety pin and smoothen the area.

Whether you struggled in craft class or are a DIY champion, consider employing these techniques to bring out the creative streak within you.

Decoupage - Image 4 - Waste Paper Bin

Image Source – http://www.hobbyideas.in/diy/view/paper-bin-with-decoupage

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