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Rangoli Zentagle fusion coaster

Zentangle Kolam fusion Coaster -DIY

Every few years some new style of art comes up, most of these have been existent for years but then suddenly it becomes the ‘in thing’. Zentangle for some time now has been something that is seen everywhere. So I wanted to try a little of this beautiful art too. No where close to the masters, but hey, it’s a start right?! 

Rangoli Zentagle fusion coaster

How to make a zentangle kolam/rangoli fusion coaster:

Step 1:

Take a canvas of a suitable size for a coaster. The canvas used here is a 4 x 4 inch size small canvas. You can also make your own canvas base if you have the time.


Step 2:

Draw the base outline of the chosen design with a pencil. Let the strokes be very subtle and mild. There are special erasers available for canvases if you need them.


Step 3:

Now draw the outline with a permanent marker. This step is pretty simple since you have the outline in place. You can choose markers of different tips based on the design you have in mind. Generally the inner details need finer detail while for the outlines, a slightly thicker tip would be better.


Step 4:

Continue filling up with details. For a coaster my preference was to make it less cluttered so that the base motif is not lost in all the intricacies. But this is purely your choice.

Why did I choose kolam fusion? Well, like zentangle, kolams which are an ancient art form from South India are actually purely based on artistic symmetry. It is just like geometry but with a twist. A grid of dots are made into symmetric patterns. I hence felt it was only appropriate that the marriage of zentangle and kolam be done.

In the below image, the base kolam pattern is complete.


Step 5:

Continuing by filling with patterns of choice… I left some space empty on purpose.


Corners filled with simple leaf patterns surrounded by lovely black… I felt there was a whole Ikkat touch too.


Step 6: 

Once the whole image is complete, allow it to air dry for an hour. Then apply a coat of clear varnish and allow it to dry for a day. Once the first coat is dry, apply one more thin layer of varnish and allow it to dry again for a day or two.

Your coaster is now water proof and good to go!

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