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Vintage Madhubani earrings – DIY

Hello all! Here is a tutorial on making vintage Madhubani earrings with a simple but colorful pattern. This technique can be used to make earrings in your choice of design. This is an easy technique to try making decoupage earrings as well.

Vintage Madhubani earrings DIY

How to make Madhubani pattern earrings:

Step 1:

Get a pair of vintage pendant cabochon settings from your local craft store. The size has to be ideal for earrings. If it is bigger, you can make a pendant using the same technique.


Step 2:

Take suitable card stock and cut it in the right size. This took me a few attempts till I finally nailed the right size!


Step 3:

On the cut piece of card stock, draw your base pattern using a thin marker. If you’re confident in painting on the small piece, you can paint the outline as well.


Step 4:

Color the insides in bright colors. Since it would be covered with plastic, bright colors look better and in our case since the chosen design is Madhubani, typical shades have been used.


Step 5:

Apply glue on the base.


Step 6:

Place the piece of card stock and press firmly till it holds well.


Step 7:

Are you able to see? The transparent plastic cobochon has been glued on. Just apply a thin layer of fabric glue or Mod Podge. It will hold on easily.


Here is the pair – almost ready….


Step 8:

Insert fish hook ear wires. You will need flat nose pliers to open and close the hook.


And… it’s done!!