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Pot diyas for Diwali

Pot diyas for Diwali – DIY

For a few years now, we have been seeing interesting ways to decorate diyas to deck up your home during the Diwali season. This time, we have a tutorial that shows how pots can be converted into colorful diyas for the festive season. Let’s head over to the tutorial on making pot diyas!

Pot diyas for Diwali

How to make Pot Diyas – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Terracotta pots were bought from a Craft fair sometime back and these have been used for this tutorial. Mud pots will work just fine.


Step 2:

Using acrylic colors paint the pots in nice solid shades.


Step 3:

I tried different colors for each pot to see which one looks better… And I feel, the one with the red top is brighter and more appealing as of now.


Step 4:

Keep painting the pot with colors of choice. I have left the bottom part of the Diya as such for two reasons. One, If the bottom is also painted it might look a bit cluttered and two, that part is mostly not visible.


Step 5:

Using black paint, have painted some designs and outlines for a clearer finish.

Apply a coat of clear varnish once the paint is dry and leave it overnight.


Completed vibrant pot diyas!


Before we sign off, let me tell you this. The first picture in this article has some sparkles just to add a festive touch to the photos. I am yet to insert an LED light in the pot and use it as a diya… I intend to use this as home decor after Diwali, so no intentions of filling it up with wax or oil and actually lighting the wick. I am sure that would cause some discoloration and I really don’t want that! You get tiny LED lights which work with a tiny battery… those will be the best fit.

Gearing up for Diwali is so much fun 🙂

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