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Clay Lantern Decor

Clay lantern decor – DIY

We will be transforming a plain clay lantern into a colorful piece of decor in this DIY on ‘Clay lantern decor’. So let’s begin!Clay Lantern Decor

How to make a clay lantern decor

Step 1:

A terracotta lantern was bought during one of my visits to a handicraft exhibition. This lantern will be used to create a bright piece of decor with a traditional touch.


Step 2:

Using acrylic colors, paint the lantern. Choose colors that will go with the interiors of your home.

CLD2Apply a couple or more coats based on the color chosen.. As you can see below, after a single coat, the purple shade looked pretty good while orange and white looked like they needed two more coats. So, decide based on your expected output.

CLD3Step 3:

White outline is painted on the floral pattern. You may use gold, silver or such metallic shades for the outline as well. I stuck with non-metallic shades for this project.


Step 4:

Similarly black is used to create a few simple designs. Allow the base color to dry well before painting such designs.

CLD5Black outline in a few more places…

CLD6Step 5:

3D outliner has been sparingly used to create some different designs and mix up the colors a bit.

CLD7Step 6:

Apply a good adhesive and glue on small round pieces of mirrors for a jazzy effect. Rhinestones may be used but for this lantern, I preferred to use mirrors. Small square mirrors could be a good alternative to round ones.

CLD8Glue it on spacing each one appropriately.

CLD9Step 7:

After the paint and glue has dried well, apply a coat of clear varnish – this can be of matte or glossy finish as per your choice. Allow the varnish to dry.

CLD10Set a small electric light/bulb in the center and add instant charm to your living space!

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