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Purple orange kundan rangoli

Purple kundan rangoli – DIY

It felt like it had been quite a while since I made a kundan rangoli and this time wanted to use colors which I hadn’t used before for a rangoli. So, here is a purple kundan rangoli made of rhinestones, decor beads, bead ball chain and a plastic sheet. Purple kundan rangoli

How to make a purple kundan rangoli – tutorial:

Step 1:

Take an OHP sheet and cut it out in the size required. (We will be trimming the excess sheet after the rangoli is completed.)

Step 2:

Glue a big white rhinestone at the center of the rangoli using fabric glue.

POKR1Step 3:

Set and glue tear drop purple rhinestones around the white center.

Step 4:

Between two purple stones, one white stone is glued as you can see here…

POKR3Step 5:

Glue bigger white tear drop stones on top of the purple ones and using purple bead ball chain, make an outline to highlight the pattern.

POKR4Step 6:

Between every two white outlined stones, one triple leaf orange rhinestone is glued. This is to add a different shade to the rangoli.

POKR5Step 7:

Decor beads in mild lavender shade are then glued on.

POKR6Step 8:

Next is making an outline with gold color bead ball chain – a round outline.

POKR7Step 9:

Two more rings with bead ball chains – one in purple and one in gold. This makes the rangoli look richer.

POKR8Step 10:

The pattern below was made using purple and orange rhinestones in different shapes.

When I started this outer pattern, I intended to make it using the round purple stones only…. but as it turned out, I was all out of purple stones! So I then took some tear drop purple stones and tried to make a symmetric pattern using round and tear drop ones… but then, I was still short of a couple of stones to complete the circle. And then, there were some orange stones to the rescue – so here is the pattern that finally felt satisfactory. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention!

POKR9Step 11:

One final outline using gold bead ball chain… the finishing touch!


Here is a full view of the rangoli….




  1. Awesome…where did you get the purple bead ball chain in chennai? I’ve been looking for this for quite sometime.

  2. Fab I really like the colours

  3. Hi Ramya,
    Beautiful work. You are very creative and your work is inspiring. You make it look so simple and yet elegant. Do you take orders? I would like to order few.

    • Swathi… I don’t generally make for sale.. but could give it a shot… Please send me an email regarding your requirement and I shall let you know if I could make them for you! Thanks a lot!

  4. hi..thats very captive and you just made it awesome..in adayar where could i find these beads..kindly suggest..

  5. I am a newcomer to this kundan rangoli. Can you please suggest simple designs which I can start with?

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