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White n' Yellow hoop earrings

White n’ yellow hoop earrings – Tutorial

Ridiculously easy tutorial on how to make hoop earrings using beads… enjoy!!!

You ought to love beads!! I bought these pretty yellow beads from etsy.com and the white crystal beads from RS Shopping Adyar, Chennai…the two are definitely made for each other 🙂White n' Yellow hoop earringsMaterials needed:

Flat nose pliers

Supplies needed:WYCE1

How to make a pair of simple bead hoop earrings:

Step 1:

Open up the bent end of the hoop using flat nose pliers so that we can slide the beads easily.

WYCE2From here on, the pictures will tell you the what has to be done..

Step 2: WYCE3

Step 3:

Flat bead spacers are slid on either side.


Step 4: WYCE5Step 5:

Bend the open end of the hoop using flat nose pliers.WYCE6Step 6: WYCE7Step 7:

Repeat steps 1 to 6…WYCE8Yaey!!

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  1. nice one lov it. … can yo pls temme in chennai whr do yo get these hoops, eye pins, head pins nd al.?

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