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Quilled paisley

Quilled Paisley pendant – DIY

This tutorial shows how a quilled paisley pattern pendant can be done. Quilling strips available for making jewellery have been used for this pendant. (Bought from
: Ananda stationery, Adyar Chennai), And as always, steps in detail can be seen as you scroll down!Quilled paisley

How to make a quilled paisley pendant:

Step 1:

Make two quilled rings which are reasonably thick. One of these rings is reasonably big while the other will be smaller.

qp1Step 2:

Shape both the rings as shown: the bigger piece is shaped like a paisley while the smaller one is shaped like a tear drop.QP2

Step 3:

Glue both the units together.QP3Step 4:

Apply fabric glue along the outer part of the piece.


Step 4:

Quill with metallic quilling strips of a contrasting color. Apply glue and quill till you have an outline of required thickness.QP5Step 5:

Quill a strip using the Honeycomb quilling technique.QP7Step 6:

Glue this on to the inside of the paisley neatly.

QP8Step 7:

A small quilling piece in green is done for the center – this again is a teardrop pattern.QP9Step 8:

Glue on the center.

Step 9:

Quill a triangular piece and glue it on the top for the loop of the pendant.

QP11Step 9:

Apply a couple of coats of a sealant and allow to dry.


  1. Hi Ramya,

    I closely follow all your tutorials and eagerly await them.
    Must tell you, your art is simply fantastic. Your tutorials are very crisp and clear, and easy to follow. You have a unique ability of making very ordinary looking material look extra- ordinarily appealing. Congratulations for your work!!!

    Just wanted to know what kind of sealant have you used for coating the above quilled pendant.

    Warm regards,
    ??? ?????

  2. Hi, Your making of jewelry are awesome, as I am a beginner can u plz tell me while making round shapes i could find some gapes on my making, while ur makings are perfect. can u plz suggest me some idea to cover the gapes. whether I have to apply glue on each layer while making the round.

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