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Tulsi Pot Diya

Tulsi Pot Diya Decor – DIY

Tulsi pot or tulsi maadam as it is called is considered auspicious and adorns many homes. This tutorial shows how a tulsi pot shaped diya can be decorated in a simple and charming manner.

Tulsi Pot Diya

How to decorate a tulsi pot diya – tutorial:

Step 1:

Start with a plain tulsi pot diya – clean it well to remove dust and other impurities.


Step 2:

Apply a thin coat of red acrylic paint on the diya and allow it to dry. The coat of red acrylic gives the diya a rich clay color.


Step 3:

Now start to bring in some color to the diya… green has been painted here resembling mango leaves toran…


After green has been painted…

TPD4Step 4:

An outline using pale yellow acrylic has been painted on each of the motifs.


Step 5:

And black has been used to fill within the outlines.


Step 6:

A strip of white at the bottom gives the finishing touch to the pot.


View of two sides of the diya…



And view of the other two sides…


Step 7:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow to dry.

Place a wick at the top, pour in a little oil and you can now light the tulsi pot diya!



  1. It looks Gorgeous 🙂 You make it look easy really.

  2. Hi..,

    Will appreciate if you suggest how to decorate Basket.., where South Indian brides are made to sit in it during weddings( read Andhra Pradesh especially).Looking forward for your early response….!!!

  3. great blog,love to see all diy/craft THANK YOU to be awesome and for sharing great things 🙂 have a nice day

  4. Namaste Ramya Ji

    I do volunteering for a non profit organization in Edison, NJ. Appreciate if you can let me know where can i buy the materials for very awesome Pooja Thali, Tulsi Diya like kits. We do volunteering at Indian Old Age Homes and would like to do something like this for our Respected Elders

    Please email with details. Dhanyavaad, Sridhar Iyer

    • Dear Sridhar – nice to know about you organisation. Please let me know which location you would want to buy the materials from. If online works, you could check itsybitsy.in. But other than India, I do not have much idea about where you could get the supplies from – I usually buy my supplies in Chennai, India.

  5. Kavitha GANGISETTY

    Hi Ramya

    In Chennai which store can we get all these materials. Please give us the store details and address. I really appreciate for your help.


    • Hi Kavitha… I shop whenever I spot something…maybe a roadside vendor, a handicraft exhibit, a craft supplies store or online… So I am not able to point at one place – you could try Anand stationery adyar, RS shopping adyar, Selvam thread stores and itsybitsy.in. I don’t have a store Kavitha…these are all what I try to make just out of interest. Good luck!!

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