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Yellow Quilled Jhumkas

Yellow n’ White Quilled Jhumkas – DIY

Here is a tutorial on making a pair of quilled jhumkas with studs using paper quilling strips. The steps are similar to some of the tutorials we saw earlier but these have a more complete and traditional look due to the studs.

Yellow Quilled Jhumkas

Supplies needed:


Other than the above supplies, we would also need paper quilling strips and flat back pearls.

Tools Needed:

  1. Wire Cutter
  2. Round Nose Pliers
  3. Flat Nose Pliers

How to make Quilled Jhumkas – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Insert a paper strip in a slotted quilling needle.


Step 2:

Keep quilling till you make a tight coil of the desired size. Quilling strips of two colors were glued together before quilling the coil. Glue the end so that the coil is secure.

Step 3:

Slide and remove the coil from the slotted tool.


Step 4:

Using your finger gently push from the center of one side of the coil to form a cup like structure.


Step 5:

Apply a coat of fabric glue on the inside of the cup and the outside. Allow it to dry. The structure will be secure now.


Step 6:

Insert an eye pin from the bottom of the cup.

Step 7:

Insert a small metal bead spacer on the top.

Step 8:

Make a small loop at the top of the jhumka as shown. Round nose pliers have been used to make this loop.


Step 9:

Insert a jump ring into the loop. You can use flat nose pliers to open and close the jump ring.


Step 10:

Now for the top part or the stud, make a smaller tightly quilled paper coil following steps 1 to 3.

Step 11:

Apply  a coat of fabric glue and allow it to dry.


Step 12:

Glue on a flat back pearl at the center of this coil. This step is optional.


Step 13:

Now apply glue on a earring post.


Step 14:

Attach the small coil made in step 12 to the earring post. It has to hold on well… allow it to dry completely.


Step 15:

Slide the jump ring attached to the jhumka in the wire of the earring post and insert the ear backs.


Repeat the steps above for the other earring.  And we have the completed pair of quilled jhumkas…



  1. How do you apply varnish for these kinda light colors to have glow on the jewelry?
    I tried applying transparent nail polish as well. it loses its original color…
    Should i try any acrylic color on top it for my wish?!

    • You could try applying a coat of fabric glue or a quilling sealant… with whatever I’ve tried so far, I can say the colors don’t change.

  2. HI Ramya,
    Very beautiful earrings.
    Can you suggest any particular brand for fabric glue and for quilling sealant?
    Does fabric glue make the jewelry sturdy and water resistant

    • Thank you!! I use Fevicryl Fabric glue. Yes it does!!!

      • Thank you Ramya. I stay in chennai can you please tell me from where do you get sturdy metal rings and other accessories for jewelry making ?

        All your jewels are very beautifully presented.

      • I bought some of the jewelry findings from RS shopping adyar, some from itsybitsy.in and some from etsy.com depending on the beads and findings I need. I am yet to find a place in Chennai which carries good quality of both beads and findings!!

        Thank you!!

  3. Thank you so much !!!

  4. What kind of glue you use on earring post

  5. Can you please advice what is the mm size of the quilling strips

  6. Excellant… Its easy to understand also….
    U can try getting material from ananda stationery store, Adyar LB road 🙂

  7. They are really beautiful.

  8. Hai frnd I am frm kerala,kannur..and I wnt to ..is etsy providing home delivery?quilling paper is available in bukstores? Plzzzz rplyy plzzzz

  9. Hai Ramya..
    Can you please say from where did you buy this quilling paper and whats its cost.. ?

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for this post…Cud u also mention exact measurements like width of the paper strips and how many did u use exactly for one jhumka?

    Thanks for ur effort..


  11. Ramya, u r doing an excellent job.. the way u explain things is lovely. Hats of.

  12. Hello ramya, I got a chance to see your creations today only. All are very pretty. I also do lot of quilling, but only envelopes and greeting cards. Now I want to start with jewellery also. Could u please give some ideas about the tools required and where I can it?

    • Thank you Sujatha. You could use the usual tools such as quilling needle, comb, and such. But for jewelry, use the right glue and varnish.

      • Hi ramya. Thanks for your reply. Applying fabric glue all over the quilled items is enough to make it water resistant and shinny? Cld you please let me know about quilling sealent and how it is been used?

  13. Hi remya
    Your tutorial is very interesying and easy to understand.
    Is 5mm paper strip used for all type of paper jewllery? Or we wants to change the size depend in the jewllery?

  14. super tutorial. liked very much. thanks

  15. Ramya,
    What kind of varnish do I need to use to give the quilling jewelery a neat coat n finishing.
    I made these quiling set but not happy,after reading ur post I got to know that to secure the paper we have to apply a thin coat of Fabric glue inside..how about outside?can we apply a coat outside n let it dry as well??

  16. hi ramya where do you get those earing post,jmp ring and nose pliers…..im in chennai,……….

  17. if i need to make a big round jhumka,what all matters i should take care of? i have made some…but i could’nt able to get a big rounded one?

  18. wow! SUPER i liked

  19. Haii..i loved your tutorial..and i tried making too but the problem is both the earrings are not coming in same shape.is one gets a rounded umberella shape, the other comes in cone like shape..can u help in this plz..

  20. heyy Ramya….
    I’m new to quilling earrings….how do u get the perfect cup shape for the jhumkas???? as in….shudnt the pair look same???

  21. chandrikalokesh

    Hai Ramya u r tutorial is very nice good job thank u

  22. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

    I wanted to know if there is any home delivery of products from your shop.

    • Hi – thank you for your kind words. I just do these out of interest… only recently have I started thinking of selling my handmade items…will let you know if I do start selling!!

  23. hi ramya,iwant 2 know whether applying fabric glue makes it water resistant?

    • Nope…it is paper after all… it is just better … gives it a glossy finish and it can take a few drops of water maybe!!

  24. Hai Remya……thank u for yu

  25. its really great…i ve gone through some works in youtube..but now only i got the idea of making jumka….thank u so much friend

  26. Can u tell were did you buy this jumkas earing posts and eye pins.

  27. what a beautiful earing

  28. Wow……!!! Super Ramya I really appreciate u for ur super help to us…
    I know how to make a single color jumka with quilling, but now I learnt how to make a double coloured jumka….
    Thank u lot Again….. 😉 🙂

  29. I loved all ear rings. Good design, I am interested doing d rings, so pls can u suggest me hw can I start up.

  30. Can u pls let me know the size of beads used to decorate jhumkas?

  31. Dear Remya,


    where can i get above mentioned supplies ? bcz m from gujarat.

  32. Hai Ramya,
    i saw all your quilled jhumkas and all were spectacular…i love the way your explaining things….i am only in 9th std…so I’m just doing for hobby and a few times i sell..i have earned 200 rs in just 3 days by following your methods…thanks a lot…..i will keep following you..and i’m from madurai..bye!

  33. Hi Ramya,
    I was just reading your comments and it said fabric glue doesn’t make it water resistant. So what should I do to make it water resistant?

    P.S thank you for the wonderful tutorial……helped me a lot!!!

    • Hi Linda… Nothing can really make it water resistant… it is paper after all!! but applying a clear coat of Crystal glaze could make it better… Thanks for your comments!

  34. hi Ramya. Very well explained. Thank u for sharing it. So kind of u.
    I tried it but i’m afraid will the quilled stud stick to the earring post well or not. I mean it makes me worried all d time when wearing or taking off the earings.

  35. Hi Ramya, I’m a beginner and I have a small doubt. It would be nice if u reply me. The question is, I after making jumkas ans stud, how to attach it both? If we just slide the jump ring inside the wire of the post, wrong it slip out?
    Or this is the only method to make jumkas?

    • Hi Sridevi… generally this is how jhumkas are.. in imitation jewelry, the stud and jhumka are attached.. while in gold jewelry the studs and jhumkas are separate and are inserted if required. It will not slide out.

  36. Could you pls tell the brand of the glue u are using? Mine is not sticking the beads properly.

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