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Kalash Tikka Holder

Kalash Tikka Holder – DIY

This is a simple project which involves embellishing a plain roli tikka holder with materials of your choice. This decorated tikka holder can be used to invite guests for festivals such as Navrathri and Diwali.  These can also be cool giveaways for Navrathri!

Kalash Tikka Holder

Materials Needed:

So what we need is a cardboard tikka holder (generally available in good craft stores). These tikka holders come in different shapes. While this one here is Kalash shaped, other designs such as paisley (mango shaped), circle, tear drop and square are also available. Take your pick.


These come with a sliding/revolving lid on top. There are holders for roli, tikka (kumkum) and chandan.


For embellishing, we’ll use

  1. Acrylic color (red),
  2. Bead ball chain (gold)
  3. Rhinestones
  4. Fabric glue

How to embellish a tikka holder – Tutorial

Step 1:

Apply a couple of coats of acrylic color.


Step 2:

Paint on all the sides of the cardboard base.


Step 3:

We will be embellishing only the lid of the box. (You may adorn the sides as well!) Apply glue along the outline of the lid and glue on the bead ball chain.


As shown below, the chain is glued along the outline.


Step 4:

A line of small green rhinestones is glued on the top half of the Kalash.


Step 5:

In the bottom half of the kalash, small white rhinestones are glued on.

KRTH8Step 6:

We will be making a leaf like design…


Like this…


Step 7:

And a floral pattern is glued on the bottom.


Step 8:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and you’re done!



  1. Hi,
    I chanced upon your website. You so very creative and artistic. This piece is beautiful. Could you please tell me where i can find the base cardboard material. I tried in a few shops didn;t find it. I live in mumbai. If you know of any specific shops please do tell me.

    Also the mango leave hanging is very pretty. I surely intend to do it at some stage.



    • Hi Aarti
      I m Payal. I recently visited Kalyan. I found these cutting there. So I m sure you too can find them in Mumbai . I heard about a place called bhuleshwar in Mumbai. There is a big wholesale market. You can try there.

  2. can I know where can i get these base carboard material in chennai

  3. How to prepare wood before painting. Should we need to apply primer.
    What kind of wood we should get from shop. Plywood, or normal.

  4. can I know where can i get these base tikka holder in coimbatore

  5. Hi ramya your work is just amazing I have seen all your work and thank you so much for the detailed explanation you have given for quilled ear rings. I just started quilling, no other sites have explained so nicely as u have done .Hats off to you..I have become a great fan of yours and I will follow your site for sure.Thanks once again ..cheers pavani, bangalore

  6. HI Ramya, Thank you so much for such lovely ideas. I am stealing some of them to share them with my daughter for her summer vacation. BTW, where can I find these holders in Bangalore, do you have an idea what other name they could be called with?

    • Sorry Jothi… can’t be of help here… the base was something I had seen for the first time at the store.. so I am not sure if there is any other name by which you could ask for it!

  7. jayashree ramesh

    ur works are awesome… i have just started trying few of them.. will post pictures soon…. can u please tell me where do i get the base mdf wood in chennai….

  8. hi,Very easy to follow.

    few kumkum boxes are transparent,with the slots inside visible.How to make it?

  9. hi
    few tikka holders look transparent with inner slots visible like plastic.Which material they use?

  10. Hi
    Few tikka holders are transparent like plastic with inside sots visible,what material they use ?

  11. I am very much interested in crafts. Your crafts are awesome and learnt many from urs and will be learning more. I would like to know dat where do i get acrylic kumkum boxes in delhi or in ghaziabad? Please let me know the place or store.. Thank you in advance.

  12. Ramya your work is super…Ramya I need lots of quantity for business..where can I get from bangalore or Mumbai..I need whole sale dealer address fro Acrylic Kum Kum and wooden Kum Kum

    • Hello Shakila… Thanks for your response. But sorry for not being able to help you n this regard. I buy just a few units to make tutorials for my website and to gift friends. So I buy from retail outlets in Chennai. I hope someone else answers your query. Good luck dear!

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