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Easy rakhi_card stock

Easy rakhi making craft – with card stock

With raksha bandhan coming up, here is an easy rakhi making tutorial on how to make a rakhi with card stock and paper. The technique is pretty simple using basic supplies and you can make this along with your kids.

Easy rakhi_card stock

How to make an easy rakhi using card stock – Tutorial

Step 1:

Draw a circle on a sheet of colored handmade paper.


Step 2:

Cut out along the outline drawn.


Step 3:

Make fringes along the outline of the circle by making even cuts as shown. Fringing scissors can be used here.


Make such cuts with equal depth – the base of the rakhi is done.


Step 4:

Apply glue along the center of the circle as shown.


Step 5:

Place a string/thread on the glue applied and press so it sticks well.


Step 6:

Make a rosette (accordion flower style) using a strip of card stock. The steps to make this rosette have been provided here.


Embellish the center of the rosette with a rhinestone.

Step 7:

Glue the accordion flower on top of the circle base and press well. Allow the glue to dry.


Step 8:

You can either finish with the above step or add a bit more sparkle with a line of small golden rhinestones.


Once the rhinestones are glued – the completed rakhi…


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