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Quilled Paper Jhumkas

Quilling Paper Jhumkas – DIY

Here is a pair of  quilling paper jhumkas made using quilling strips in red color and green crystal beads with an ethnic touch. The colors of the bead and paper used provide a rich contrast to the piece.

Quilling Paper Jhumkas

How to make quilling paper jhumkas – Tutorial:

Materials Needed:


In addition to the materials shown above,  we’ll make two tightly quilled paper coils for the earring.

Tools Needed:

  1. Wire cutter
  2. Round nose pliers
  3. Flat nose pliers

Step 1:

Slide a crystal bead on a head pin.

QPJ2Step 2:

Using round nose pliers make a loop and cut off any excess wire using wire cutters.


Step 3:

Now for the jhumka part, a tight paper coil is quilled using a slotted quilling needle. A slotted quilling needle makes it easier to retain grip of the paper strip and is preferable for making tight coils – at least for me!


Step 4:

Remove the quilled coil from the needle and glue the end of the strip to secure the coil.


Step 5:

Slowly push the coil from one side to form a bell like structure.


A protective coat of fabric glue was applied on the quilled piece and allowed to dry.

Step 6:

In an eye pin of suitable wire length, slide two metal spacer beads.


Step 7:

Followed by sliding the quilled jhumka and another silver metal spacer bead.


Step 8:

Using round nose pliers, a loop is made at the top. Any excess wire is cut off.  The steps to make a loop is shown here..


Step 9:

Link the crystal bead and the jhumka. Open and close loops using flat nose pliers.


Step 10:

Insert a fish hook ear wire at the top.


The completed earring…


Completed pair…


Another view of the paper jhumkas…



  1. can u plz tell me what u use to apply fabric glue with?

  2. Nice one Rums!
    I am trying a one called ‘Umbrella Jhumka’
    Kindly let me know if u get the steps for the same

  3. Dear Ramya,
    Thank you so much…
    I can never thank u for this tutorial.


  4. Dear Ramya,
    Excellent work.. Thanks a lot for this tutorial ..

  5. What are you using for earrings to be so shiny?I supose you polish them but with what?
    Very nice thing i learned here,thank you!

  6. I’ve tried fabric glue but it gives a little sticky feeling even after it dries. Also, i fear that it might get cloudy when it gets in contact with water. Give in your suggestions pls.

  7. Hi Ramya.
    Where can we find the eye pins, head pins and metal spaces. The jhumkas are very pretty.

  8. Ma’am, you have any idea, where I can find these fish hooks in Indore? I don’t want to ruin the market earrings any more.

  9. gr8 nd detailed tutorial

  10. Mam which paper is more longlasting?From where we get it? Is there any need of paste gum on the jumkas for strength after quilling?And All the best mam for your bright future

    • You could try quilling strips which are specifically available for jewellery making – just that these strips are thicker than the usual quilling strips. If you’re in Chennai, you could try Ananda Stationary in Adyar. Try fabric glue. Thanks a lot!!

  11. mam pl tell which polish you use for shinning for quilling jewellery

  12. Hi ramya , i given a glue coating,but i didnt got shining as like yours..what should i do ?

  13. hi ramya..suggest a good craft shop in madiwala bangalore..

  14. Thank you, The Jhumkas are very good.
    Which paper is more longlasting?

    • Thank you Mosy. You could use quilling strips that is specially available for jewelry making…ananda stationery in adyar has these.

  15. Hi Ramya didi..!!
    I already made 5 pairs. I cut colour papers into strips and rolled them using toothpick. But I would like to by these quilling strips and the bead roller. Where can I get them Ramya akka?

    • Hi Praneetha… you can get them in craft stores or online craft supply shops…nowadays these are easily available.

  16. mai aapko apna friend banana chahti hu beacause mai aapsai art and craft sikhna chahti hu

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