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Kundan Diya in Green

Floating Kundan Diya in green shades – DIY

The previous kundan diya tutorial evoked a good response and I was asked to add a few more such designs… So here goes – a floating kundan diya made using different materials in shades of green. As always, a tutorial follows!

Kundan Diya in Green

How to make a Kundan Diya – Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  1. Craft foam sheet
  2. Rhinestones in chosen colors
  3. Flat back dull gold beads (small ones)
  4. Flat back pearl beads
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors


Step 1:

Cut out the craft foam in the shape of a ring. For clear steps on this, check out this link. The hole at the center should be cut out such that a tea-light candle fits in well.

Step 2:

We first start by gluing on a ring of flat back pearls. I’ve used fabric glue for this project.


Step 3:

We next glue on a few dull gold (small) beads between two pearl ones as shown.


Step 4:

A ring of bigger round rhinestones in dark green color are glued on. The rings of beads aren’t glued too close as can be seen.


Step 5:

For a change, have used square shaped rhinestones for this project to make a different design (similar to a pookalam design).


Step 6:

Followed by one more ring of square rhinestones in a darker green shade and this completes the rings for the kundan diya.


Allow the glue to dry well. The completed kundan diya is here!


You can now set a tea-light candle in the center and set it afloat!


  1. Lovely 🙂 The color combination is so nice Ramya 🙂

  2. Many thanks Sudha 🙂

  3. very very…….. beautiful

  4. That is soo gooood… i’m going to try it right away….!
    But I am from Hyderabad …& I have no idea where I can buy the foam sheet you’ve used 🙁 …..Any suggestions??

    • Thanks a lot Divya!! I don’t have much idea about shops in Hyderabad but you should be able to get it in good craft supply stores… ! Good luck!

  5. Your DIY’s are really awesome. Simple and clear instructions. Just came across your site and I am hooked!

  6. Ramya,

    Wat is the size of the foam sheet used?

  7. very cute. where do i get all these materials?

  8. hi,
    really very nice n simple method, i have a question, kya hm candle ki jagah aarti ka diya (light metal weight) use kr sakte hai, if yes to kya method same rahega,foam sheet me hole kaarke hi hme diya stick karege ya hm direct foam sheet me hi diya stick kr sakte hai. plz reply

    • Hi Shweta… yes you could use aarti diya in place of a tealight candle – as you said, the light weight type… with the same technique… but you have different types of such diyas, so based on the pattern and shape, you may have to cut the foam. If you want to glue the diya on the foam, then it might not float – you could try though!! Let me know how it comes out!

  9. Hi Ramya,
    very very beautiful. I live in USA. Can you please suggest where to find Kundan stones. Thanks.

    • H Krupa,
      You can find the rhinestones in Walmart, Hobby Lobby, michaels arts and crafts stores. They are in crafts section or near jewelry.

  10. hi,
    kya hum online kundan purchase kr sakte hai, if yes to plz site ka naam bataiye

  11. hi friend i liked ur art very much and some one asked about material available in Hyderabad mostly for foam sheet i would i like to tell their is a shop name jagadamba fancy stores in koti i can find all materials there and near the same shop to , and even in begum bazaar but cant name them as don’t remember rest one more idea for all u love to make the same if u don’t find foam sheet u can even use CD cassette used one as even the cd can float in water i have tired that. hope u find this suggestion worth thnx and bye

  12. Hi
    Very very beautiful..can u please let me know where these art supplies are available in chennai


    • Few good stores I’ve tried – RS Shopping adyar and Selvam Stores

      • Hi ramya
        My name is Latha and I am a new fan of your’s. I want to know if you teach arts and crafts and if so , where ?
        Or atleast is it possible to meet you in person and have a glimpse of all your creations ?

  13. Hi, I am from Malaysia. Can you give me contacts of kundan stone suppliers in India. I’d liek to buy some nice stones to try the kundan rangoli . thank you

  14. where can i get tea light candles. i live in Andhrs.

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