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Madhubani Bookmark

Madhubani Bookmark – DIY

As the love for Madhubani continues to grow, here is how you could make some classy bookmarks designed the Madhubani way. Following is a tutorial on making madhubani bookmarks…

Madhubani Bookmark

Before we start… I was so tempted to use my good old sketch pens set after a long time; so for this project, have used permanent black marker for the outline and sketch pens for adding color.

How to make a Madhubani Bookmark – Tutorial

Step 1:

Start with a strip of card stock of suitable size. The dimensions of the card used here – 2.5 inches width and 7.5 inches length.

I always prefer a white base for Madhubani work so that the colors stand out well. However, any light shade could also be used.


Step 2:

Started by drawing a rectangular border.


Step 3:

Decorative corner designs are drawn.


Step 4:

Continuing with some border style designs…


Step 5:

The Sun God pattern is one of my favorite Madhubani designs and so the main pattern drawn is that of Sun god with a cool moustache!


The outline in black is now complete.


Step 6:

Following up by filling different bright colors that go with the design drawn.


The corners…


And here is the completed Madhubani bookmark.. so colorful isn’t it!!


Of course, I had to make another one. A majestic peacock in black and white.




The ornate tail…


The completed black and white bookmark.



  1. hi,i am aregular follower of your blog and i really enjoy all of your creative work.it has initiated me into trying out a few things by myself thanx for the motivation

  2. Loving all your craft work 🙂 Wonderful creative ideas Ramya 🙂

  3. very good site

  4. Saraswati Vaidheesh

    Dear Ramya,
    I also do a lot of Madhbani painting. I really liked your book marks. I am a C.A. by profession but really into art, crafts and cooking. I really like your website. Its great! In addition to doing art and craft, I have written a cook book thats about to be published.

  5. hi..which colors did you use to color and also did u use a regular black sketch pen to make the design or something else? pls reply

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