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Floating Kundan Diya

Floating Kundan Diya – DIY

Its hard to imagine how a few rhinestones and a piece of foam can give us these lovely pieces of adornments for a home. Here is a tutorial on how to make a floating kundan diya with simple tea-light candles and rhinestones. These kundan diyas are perfect to lighten up the festive season but can be used all year around too!

Floating Kundan Diya

How to make a Floating Kundan Diya:

The supplies specified below will be needed to make a kundan diya:


Step 1:

Set a tea light candle on a foam sheet to assess the size of the circle base needed. The color of the foam sheet has to be something that will go well with the rhinestone colors chosen for the design.

Draw a circle on the foam sheet.


Step 2:

Cut out along the outline.


We have a circular piece of foam.


Step 3:

Cut out an inner circle to get a ring link structure. The size of the inner circle should be such that the tea-light candle can be set in and fits.


Step 4:

Along the inner circle, glue on dull gold beads.

FKDT6Step 5:

Next is a circle of tear drop shaped orange color rhinestones. There is about 1 cm space between each of these rhinestones.


Step 6:

Glue on smaller white rhinestones in the opposite direction – between two orange stones as shown.


Step 7:

Keep gluing on the stones; allow them to dry.

The design is now complete.


Place a tea-light candle in the center and set your kundan diya afloat!



  1. Very nice. I tried to find some of those breads like the red that you used and not available anywhere. Do you buy yours locally or through the internet? You use them in so many nice projects!

    • Yep! These beads are my favorite..can’t stop myself from using them! The beads used in this project were bought locally from a wholesale shop nearby. If you’re in India, you should be able to find these beads in good thread stores. Some online stores carry them as well – although a bit pricey online.

  2. Hi Ramya
    Very nice work …I liked it .
    What is the cost of this Diya ?


    • Thank you Deepti.. I’m making these just as a passion – at least for now I’m not into selling. You might find some shops online which sell kundan diyas.

  3. Hello mam,
    I wanted to kno wat is the foam u used actually called..
    I m not able to find here at local crafts store.

    • These are craft foam sheets Vinita…

    • ekta weddind decorator

      Hi vinita this is Ekta . I am wedding decorator. I make this type of diyas. I have 20different variety in it . please contact me on 9833416246. ie

      • HI,
        Please can you tel me proe of this diyas & is it possible please share photos so that i can select & buy the same.
        Thansk In advance.

  4. Is the kundan stones and rhine stones are same? Whether the tlight cndles will fit in that circle or we have to apply glue.

    • Kundan stones as such are used in making jewellery and are expensive… typically for these projects, we use rhinestones which are a great and much cheaper alternative! It will fit in, but you have to cut it accordingly.

  5. Hi Ramya,

    very nice……I have one doubt as I am trying to make the same. You have cut the inner circle ……..then how to fix tea candle on that …to make it float along with big foam circle.

  6. Ramya,

    If i used a diya (suppose silver coated diyas) instead of a tealight candle, what kind of diya should i buy? Should it be flat one or can it have a stand also?


  7. if we use the fevicol it is possible that it will be melt…..we have to use glue gun…….?plz send me thr email…

  8. Very nice and neat work.
    liked every item of yours.
    thank you for sharing the work.

  9. very nice work, can u let me where can i get rhinestones in bangalore

  10. These are Awesome!! You are very creative and extremely talented,. You’ve inspired me to start doing this myself!

    If you are in the US, can you let me know the best place to buy rhinestones. I’ve looked in Walmart but haven’t found anything good and not sure if amazon is economical. Also it would be great if you mentioned some of the sizes of the rhinestones (in mm) – it will help newbies like me 🙂

  11. Dear Ramya,

    I liked diyas prepared by you. Colourr combination is superb. Myself and my daughter also prepare such kind of diyas. Please see my blog http://meenacreativity.blogspot.in/. Please visit and give your critical comments please.

    Meena and Nirmiti

  12. Dr. Meena Vankudre

    Dear Ramma,

    Liked your art. Beautiful and very clean work
    Meena Vankudre

  13. Very nice work.I liked it.

  14. Hello Ramya,

    I must say all your designs are extremelly beautiful.
    I live in massachusetts and was wondering where shall i look for these rhinestones.


    • Thank you Poonam! I am not really sure… but there are some good stores online such as etsy which you could probably check out.

  15. Hi Ramya,

    Designs are wonderful and so creative, I loved them. I too make these kundan rangoli’s.
    To people who wanted to know where they could find the materials, the answer is, if you are put up in Bangalore then Raja Market in Chikpet is the best place. You can buy these materials in bulk and they are less expensive as well. Else you can even buy them from Itsy Bitsy(exorbitantly priced).


  16. Hello, Can you please tell me the diameter of the outer circle so that I can imitate the measurements and try it at home.

  17. Hi Ramya,

    I love your work. I had a question on the durability of the diyas. Won’t the kundan come off if it is placed in water for a long time?


  18. Hello, I liked ur work its very neat and clean. I also males diya, rangoli and bandhanwar (toran) at home.

  19. I want to make my web side I like this diyas

  20. hi…nice work… is it okay to make floating rangolis without cutting the centre and just leaving the centre space for the candle? does transparent sheets also float if done in the same way?

  21. Hi, thanks for tutorial. Nice work.
    I was wondering how did u cut inner circle so perfectly?

  22. hi… tks for the nice tutorial…will not the kundans come off… when we keep it floating in water for some time….

    • I tried setting it afloat for a few hours – it did not come off. But you should allow the glue to dry well and give it a week before you set it in water.

  23. Hi Ramya,

    Loved your designs for kundan rangoli sand diyas…. I would also want to make some for Diwali this year….
    But when I checked for rhinestones in a nearby shop, they are selling them at a very high price. Can you please suggest at what price you are getting them from the wholesale market.
    As we need a large quantity to make these wonderful rangoli , it doesn’t make sense if the stones are too costly.

  24. Loved your designs of kundan rangoli and diyas

  25. Hi.. I really liked your work. Can you tell me the size of the kundans u used?

  26. can I use any other normal clay diya instead of tealight candle will it even float.

  27. where is foam available in ludhiana?

  28. hi ramaya..your designs are beautiful…i have also tried to use foam sheet in many thing but have faced sticking problem. i have used fabric glue, glue gun, araldite, bondtite,etc but nothing worked…can you plz suggest ahesive for this an also how to aply lyk do we need to leave the glue after placing n before sticking or can stick directly…possibly i m applying the mentioned glue wrong way..

  29. Is it a 5mm foam sheet

  30. Hi Ramya,

    This site very helpful with clear explanation. Could you please tell me the thickness of foam sheet. Is it 5mm

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