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Crepe Paper Tulips

Crepe Paper Tulips – Tutorial

After a brief hiatus, I am back with this tutorial on how some really lovely and cheerful tulips can be made using crepe paper or duplex paper. The technique of making these flowers is explained below…

Crepe Paper Tulips

An arts and crafts website in Russian – stranamasterov.ru provided the source of inspiration for this tutorial.  Check out the website when you find time – it is pretty great!

How to make Crepe Paper Tulips:

Step 1:

Cut strips of crepe paper (or alternatively duplex paper can be used). Each paper strip  measures about 5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width.

The paper strips have to be cut along the direction of the paper crinkle.


Step 2:

Six strips of paper are required for one tulip flower.


Step 3:

Fold the strip in half gently making a crease.


Step 4:

Twist along this crease at the center as shown. Make a few such twists (3-4 twists).


Step 5:

After twisting, fold and place one half of the paper on the other, press them together and shape it a bit. The paper used here is one sided – so when you place one half on the other ensure that colored side faces up.


Step 6:

Cut along the open side of the piece to get it shaped like a petal.


Step 7:

Now twist the paper to secure the end.


Step 8:

Repeat the steps above to make a total of six petals.


Step 9:

Now for the flower stamen, take a piece of metal string and glue on a small cotton ball at the top shaping it (like an oval).


Step 10:

Hold a petal together with the stamen as shown.


Step 11:

Holding the metal string with the petal, start tying petals around it using a sewing thread.


Keep tying more petals together in the same fashion.


Step 12:

Here is the flower after all the six petals have been tied together. Secure the knots well and cut off any excess thread.


Step 13:

We now wrap green duplex paper (or alternatively floral tape) around the stem starting from the top.


Here is the completed tulip flower.


We will now make some leaves…

Step 14:

Cut out a piece of green crepe paper in the shape of a leaf and place a piece of metal string on top.


Step 15:

Cut out another piece and glue it on top. This makes the leaf thicker and can be shaped as needed.


A few more such flowers and leaves are made and arranged…!


These crepe paper tulips are perfect for the cheerful mood I’m already in!

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