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Mini Kundan Rangoli

Mini Kundan Rangoli for Puja

For some time now, we’ve been seeing different kundan rangoli designs made on wooden bases. This rangoli here is made on a transparent sheet. It is designed such that it can be set around a puja lamp. This is a single piece rangoli and does not need to be assembled. Contrasting color stones in blue and orange have been used.

Mini Kundan Rangoli

How to make a Kundan Rangoli:

Step 1:

Take a transparent plastic sheet. An OHP sheet (available in stationery stores) has been used for making this rangoli. Start by drawing a circle of diameter 7 inches on a transparent sheet.


Step 2:

Cut along the outline.

Now draw a smaller circle at the center.


Step 3:

Cut along the inner circle to make a broad ring like structure. The inner circle cut is not a must but it is better this way because we generally use an oil lamp for puja and the lamp could get heated. This way, the lamp can be set at the center and the heat will not affect the rangoli.


Step 4:

Along the outline, set dull gold beads which are flat on one side making the gluing on easier.

Fevicryl Fabric glue has been used for this project – other glue don’t seem to work on plastic sheets.


As shown here, the beads are glued on at equal distance from each other.


Step 5:

Next to the gold beads, big blue rhinestones are glued on.


Step 6:

Teardrop shaped rhinestones in orange color have been set in a flower like shape.


Step 7:

Along the outline of the inner ring, dull gold beads have been set like a ring.


Step 8:

Big white rhinestones form the next ring close to the beads.


Step 9:

Small blue rhinestones are set on top of each white rhinestone.


Step 10:

Leaf shaped gold sequins are glued on between two flowers


Let the glue dry and here is the completed kundan rangoli.


Place it around a suitable lamp or idol for adding a nice auspicious look to your puja room.



  1. Love this. Any idea where to get the rhinestone ?

    • Rhinestones are available in any craft supply or thread store…good luck!

      • Hello ,
        Thanks for a such nice idea for making Rangoli.
        I have tried this but one problem arises the OHP sheet which I prepared with kundan & beads without any diya is not floated but sink.(I did not cut inner circle)

        Please guide regarding this.


      • Kundan rangoli has to be placed on the floor…

    • Hi, Thank you so much for the tutorial. Any idea where I can get these OHP sheet and kundan/beads in US,like the ones you are using in these projects? And I saw that you are using fabric glue which I saw here in US. Thank you.

      • Thanks Maya! I’m afraid I can’t help you here.. not sure of where you could check in US. But etsy shops that ship out of the US could be a good bet.. there are quite a few shops online that carry these supplies.

  2. Hi Ramya,

    U r too good n love the simple ideas on ur blog. Have been following it for quite some time now. Can u give the dimensions of the inner circle?

    rgds alka

  3. Hi,
    Saw almost all your art n craft work and m amazed by your talent. Your website is too good with all these stepwise pics. Where did you get these OHP sheets? And are they of A4 size?


  4. hi ramya,
    veryyy nice rangoli. thanks for tutorial i tried dis rangoli it was gr888. plss update more design with us…..

  5. hi…thanks for d tutorial.. made my kundan rangoli for puja following ur steps..it was good..thanks…

  6. very nice rangoli ramya……….hats off to u………….and ur creativity…………keep going……….u hve been source of inspiration to many beginners like me……………..

  7. Great tutorial.. Will try Kundan rangoli this Diwali.. Bored of colors and flower rangoli

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