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Satin bow tutorial

Make satin ribbon bows using a fork

Here is how you can make satin ribbon bows using a fork with a no-sew technique.  These can be made in under a minute and are suitable for embellishing dresses or making hair accessories.

Satin bow tutorial

How to make satin ribbon bows using a fork:

We will use a fork and a piece of narrow satin ribbon for making these bows. No sewing needed!


Step 1:

Place the ribbon on a fork.


Step 2:

Hold one end (and A) of the ribbon; lift the other end (end B) of the ribbon and insert it from the front of the middle prong.


Step 3:

Bring the ribbon to the front of the other side.


Step 4:

As shown in the below image, insert the end B within the loop.



Step 5:

Pull from both ends of the ribbon.


Step 6:

As you tighten the knot, the bow is formed.


Slip the bow off the fork and the completed satin bow is here… Snip off the edges as needed.



  1. Saw almost all your work..love all of them..the step wise tutorial makes it very easy to make..Thank you and keep it up! 🙂

  2. Wow!! That’s wonderful. :O
    I had never imagined that a simple fork can be used for tying ribbons. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Love your work! Amazing 🙂 Please keep it up 😀

  3. Fantastic curios. A perfect place for all the DIYs stuff with regards to craft work.

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